Kojima wanted to make a game with Mads Mikkelsen … and called it Mads Max

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Hideo Kojima expresses his thoughts regularly on social media. The Japanese creative shares his reflections and offers details about some of his projects, even those that have not come to fruition. In Death Stranding, his first video game outside of Konami, he had the opportunity to work with actor Mads Mikkelsen. According to Kojima himself, He told him about a concept that he wanted to develop with him as the protagonist… and that he codenamed Mads Max.

“I have a series of ideas that I want to create with Mads as the main character,” Kojima posted on his official Twitter account. “Once I explained one of them to him, he listened carefully, but when I told him the title jaw dropped. It seems he thought he was joking, even though he was serious. The code title was MADS MAX ”, a reference to the action saga Mad Max, of course.

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Death Stranding Director’s Cut, pronto en PS5

Much has been said about the future of Hideo Kojima and his next project, but for now the only tangible thing is Death Stranding Director’s Cut, an expanded version of the original game, which will be released on 24th September exclusively for PS5. In addition to the unreleased content, which will not be in short supply, Kojima Productions has optimized the product to take advantage of Sony’s next-generation console hardware. Those who already have the title in physical and digital format will have the opportunity to update the Director’s Cut, but will have to pay 10 euros.

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The Japanese director recently assured that he was not thinking of retiring. According to his words, he will continue to develop games until your brain “loses its creative power”. Kojima explained that his body “is failing” him, but that for now his mind is just as awake as before. “My creativity is not in danger.”

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