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Kol Mikaelson – The Smartest Mikaelson of All

Some of the series have definitely had a great impact on our minds. From storyline to characters, from lighting to sound, all are perfect in the show. People have been more inclined to the supernatural series in the last few years. They want to explore the areas which are far from the reach of the real world. Series like vampire diaries, originals, Game of Thrones, and many more have impacted a large audience worldwide. 

Well. The craze is not limited to the stories. Their cast has also impacted a lot of the audience, and their looks have become a weak point for the audience. Nathaniel Buzolic is one such artist who has gained popularity through one of the supernatural series. He became so popular that people wanted to see more of him in the show. Let us know all about him in the further article. 

Who Is Nathaniel Buzolic?

Nathaniel Buzolic was born on 4 august 1983 in Sydney, Australia. He is of Croatian ancestry. He has completed his high school education at De La Salle College Ashfield. From their chill time, he had a keen interest in theaters and acting. He was always fascinated by the entertainment world and one day achieved the heights of his acting career. 

To pursue his dream, he later went to ATYP in Sydney. The ATYP stands for Australian theater for young people, where he learned theater and acting. Afterwards, he thinks it is high time to take a graduate degree in acting to define his art more in the world. At screen acting school, he took his graduation and finally was ready to please the audience with his acting skills. 

Nathaniel Buzolic Career

Buzolic’s career was full of ups and downs. He has worked hard enough to get a name and fame in the entertainment industry. He began his career by appearing in small television shows. Home and away and all Saints are two of his initial days in which he appeared in some of its episodes. These small roles gave a good starter to him but could have helped more in establishing his career. 

In 2005 he served as a host of the children’s television show ” studio Disney ”. The show was popular among the children, and his interaction with them made it more popular and funny. From hosting the show, he started gaining more attention from the public and other people related to the entertainment industry. Later he started getting more hosting offers. In 2007 he got another offer to host a game show which used to be featured on channel nine. It was a late-night quiz game, and the show’s name was “the mint .”It was adapted from some of the British programs of the same name. 

After 2007 he started getting offers from the movies. The next year, he made his movie debut in the film ” Offering David “directed by jeff bays. There were also many other actors along with him, and he really got appreciation from many of them while shooting. Later in the same year, he also got featured in the series “out of the blue.” In 2010 he got another major role as a supporting actor in the supernatural movie “needle .”The movie was praised by many people and also succeeded in collecting many awards in the industry.

From 2012 to 2014, he played many recurring roles in the famous television series. He appeared as the Kol mikaelson in the most beloved series of all time, “the vampire diaries.” Later, he also appeared in the series originals, the spin-off series of the vampire diaries. People want to see more of him in the series of sources and vampire diaries. It is believed that he will reappear in the series again in another season with a big twist and turn in the story. After, he also played a role in another television series named “the pretty liars.” By then, he had gained a good connection in the entertainment industry and was among the celebrities. He also shot for one of the series named ” significant mother.” but later, in 2016, the series got canceled because of some inside issues. 

In 2016 he got his biggest break in the movie ” hacksaw ridge

The film was based on world war two and had numerous great actors along with Nathaniel. The movie was a great financial success and earned lots of nominations. The movie was also liked by critics and proposed for the Oscars. It has won two Oscars out of its six nominations. 

Nathaniel Personal Life

After he got famous, there were always new rumors about his personal life. More people were concerned about his dating life, but there was nothing much they could get from his statements. He likes to keep himself private and out of controversies. He was in a relationship with a French lady named Lorna Lalinec. Before her, he was dating other actresses, but now he does not talk about them anymore. However, it was never disclosed how they all broke up or with whom he was in a relationship. 

He appreciated Leonardo Decaprioa in his personal life. He cherished him the most in his entire career and never failed to show his love to him on the screen or in interviews. On the other hand, his favorite actress is Emma Watson. His favorite sport is snowboarding. He said he loves winters and the best part about the snow is always the snowboarding. In his free time, he also cherished his other interests, like photography. He loves to capture beautiful nature. He has also participated in basketball matches in new south wales. At the 2010 Sydney Olympics Games, he mesmerized everyone by showing his dance moves to the world. 

Bottom Line

Nathaniel is a secretive person in his personal life. He believes that there is nothing that can not be won by hard work. He talks small and is more concentrated on his work. Vampire diaries have given him another level of pride and popularity among a certain group of people. Because of his looks and how he defined his character as a vampire, people are now eager to watch more of him in the same avatar. Well, there are a lot more of him in the upcoming future. He has traced a long path in his acting career, and there is much more. But apart from everything, he will return as Kol Mikaelson in the vampire dairies in the next of his upcoming seasons. And people are waiting for his appearance. 

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