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Korean cosmetics, the secret behind the beauty of the idols

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Although the ideal of beauty may vary according to each country, culture and person, the interest in its care is universal. A virtue that has been popularized in the facial treatment routines of K-Pop Idols and where the products involved in it have caused a sensation around the world.

Benefits and popularity

With an emphasis on health through cleaning, nutrition and protection of the skin applied in products such as purifiers, tonics, serums, exfoliants and the famous “Korean essence” have made the cosmetic industry of this country manage to be ahead 10 years compared to the rest of the world.

Its innovative formulations restore health to the skin with almost instant and longer lasting effects. These are based on the combination of extracts of natural ingredients such as green tea, aloe vera, calendula, gotu kola, snail slime and bee pollen, as well as compounds such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamin E and acid hilauronic, responsible for keeping the skin firm.

With these virtues, the reputation of Korean beauty products spreads throughout the world, gaining immense popularity, especially when we see idols use them on a daily basis.

What is a Korean beauty treatment like and what are the best products?

The famous Korean beauty routine, whose 10 steps Glamor fully details, is responsible for keeping the skin of the entire Asian nation young and fresh, being practiced by men and women alike, and can be divided into 4 phases.

The first consists of deeply cleaning the skin using a cleansing oil to dissolve makeup and external impurities, which we will later remove with a water-based cleansing agent.

The second phase seeks to condition the skin through exfoliants to remove dead skin, tonics, to encourage its regeneration and the Korean essence, a fairly watery gel very rich in nutrients that accelerates this process.

The third phase is hydration, which involves an intense combination of moisturizing products, as well as enhancers of their effects, keys to maintaining that always fresh appearance on any face.

In order to prevent harmful UV rays from damaging our advances, the last phase involves the use of sunscreens that will give that extra layer of protection to our skin, preserving the results obtained.

Although the routine may seem a bit overwhelming, Vogue simplifies things by recommending 5 basic products that we can use, highlighting the BB Cream and masks. These have been developed to have a wide spectrum of benefits in the same product for the skin, such as eliminating impurities, balancing its tone, hydrating and protecting it in the same application, coming quite well if we have a busy rhythm of life.

The natural is the ideal.

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K-pop idols are living proof of how the application of these products in their facial care routines manages to preserve that enviable appearance that accompanies them both on and off stage.

As an example of this we have Jin from BTS who has known how to dedicate himself to preserving his beauty by taking care of his skin. His photos without makeup published on Twitter, surprised the ARMY of fans with the almost zero difference between the Jin who goes on stage and the one we see in those images, making him worthy of the humble title of Mr. Worldwide Handsome.

Another idol who also stands out for her very neat appearance is BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. Without the need for any filter, Jisoo’s beauty is immortalized in her Instagram selfies, using as usual a very subtle makeup to highlight the attributes of her flawless skin.

Beauty beyond music.

Although K-Pop is its most popular manifestation, K-Dramas or Doramas also show us their ideal of beauty in each episode. The popular Netflix series Vincenzo, released in February, shows us a fascinating contrast in the role of the protagonist where his hardness and coldness become charismatic when combined with a well-groomed face and high sophistication when dressing.

Another tribute to the grace and elegance of Asian beauty in entertainment is also found in the theme of online slot games such as Asian Beauty. Exalting the exotic character of this part of the world, its history, inhabitants and landscapes, it transports us to a world of dreams. The simplicity of its mechanics and attractive graphics make it easy for us to play it from our cell phone without having to download it.

Unlike the West where there is a marked gender difference in the way of dressing, fashion in South Korea revolutionizes the canon of beauty. Using unisex clothing they manage to sublimate the differences between the feminine and the masculine without losing their condition at any time. This has become a trend that big fashion houses such as Gucci, Luis Vuitton, Moshino and Chanel have supported by having idols as their new ambassadors.

By having health as its main active principle, Korean beauty products manage to correct and exalt the attributes of its users in a natural way, while preserving their beauty and self-esteem, more than enough reasons to cause the admiration of the whole world. .

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