Kourtney Kardashian celebrates birthday at Disneyland with Fiance Travis Barker

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Kourtney Kardashian recently turned 43 on the 18th of April and celebrated her birthday in style. This Kardashian sister and reality star kept the event a family affair with a trip to Disneyland. Alongside the Kardashian Family, her fiancé Travis Barker was also present on the Disneyland tour along with his kids. The blended family toured the amusement park like a regular family and enjoyed everything together.

The family on tour

A fellow adventurer said that the couple looked very happy and were quite lovey-dovey in public- “They had a lot of PDA holding hands and kissing while waiting for Midway Mania! in California Adventure,” E! News quoted the passerby.

The couple together

Here are more details on how Kourtney Kardashian and her fiancé Travis Barker spend the day!

Who was present on tour?

 Kourtney and Travis came to the park with their kids. That means her kids Reign Disick(age 7 years), Penelope Disick( AGE 9), and Mason Disick(age 12) were there with Travis’s children Landon Barker(age 19) and Alabama Barker(age 16), and Atiana De La Hoya(age 23) were present.

Kourtney’s Instagram post

What did the team do?

  The couple, along with their kids, took every ride together and enjoyed everything to the fullest. All of them wore the must-have mickey mouse headband while on tour. One eye witness also said that the couple was strolling hand in hand while waiting for the Midway Mania!

She cut her beautiful birthday cake in the Napa Rose Restaurant, one of the most expensive restaurants in the amusement park. Kourtney had a Mickey Mouse-themed cake.

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The birthday cake

Landon posted a video on his Instagram account of the celebration as well. There he was cheering for Journey along with others on her birthday.

He even posted a fun picture captioned “Big 21”, joking that his step-mom was a 21-year-old at heart.

Kourtney shared some pictures of the birthday celebration on her Instagram account. In the photos, she was seen posing with the new Kardashian Family comprising her and her beau’s children gang.

One picture showed Kourtney trailing behind her fiancé and Atiana for a ride. She also uploaded pictures of the must-have mouse-themed funnel cake at the theme park. He also took a photo beside the Sleeping Beauty castle, just like a Disney fan! Atta girl!

The whole team had loads of fun and looked like a happy family as they hopped from ride to ride and shared all the amusement park treats!

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