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Kourtney Kardashian to be 'stay-at-home mom' and fully raise baby Rocky

Kourtney Kardashian to be ‘stay-at-home mom’ and fully raise baby Rocky

Kourtney Kardashian has finally ventured out of her Calabasas home for the first time since giving birth to baby Rocky. In the latest episode of The Kardashians, she also opened up about her longing to be a stay-at-home mom.

The 45-year-old mother of four had previously indicated she wanted to stay indoors for 40 days following Rocky’s birth, her first child with husband Travis Barker.

Even though Kourtney admitted she wasn’t fully ready to step back into her busy life, she made two outings. One was to promote her Lemme line at Target, and the other involved supporting Barker at the Emmys, where he performed in the opening segment.

Upon meeting Simon Huck at the event, Kourtney embraced him, emphasizing she was “still on maternity leave,” and just popping in for less than an hour. In her confession, she explained, “Today we are launching Lemme in Target,” apologizing for arriving late because she was sticking to her baby’s breastfeeding schedule.

Kourtney described her experience as she made her way to the Target display promoting her Lemme line, expressing her excitement and calling the setup “cute.” For her, this day marked the first official day back at work.

Simon inquired if it felt good to be back in hair and makeup. Kourtney responded that she had only glammed up once since Christmas Eve and even then had to share the task with Travis taking over halfway through.

Kourtney spoke candidly about slowly resurfacing from her “blissful baby bubble,” relishing her time at home with the baby, going on walks, and living in pajamas. She expressed she wasn’t quite ready for full-time work but managed short, nearby engagements like this one.

Back at the event, Kourtney casually mentioned feeling the effects of breastfeeding. They set up a light ring by the Lemme display, and an unidentified woman prepared Kourtney for her first post-pregnancy interview. Kourtney humorously suggested doing the interview while sitting in a shopping cart, which they agreed to.

Simon kicked off the interview by asking about her craziest post-pregnancy cravings. Kourtney mentioned her daily indulgence in Ritz Bits, humorously suggesting Ritz Bits should send them a package.

Subsequently, Simon tested Kourtney with a rapid-fire question: what three items would she buy, excluding Lemme products, if she had only ten minutes in the store. She quickly responded with Ritz Bits, micellar water, and a baby sleep positioner.

During a lighthearted moment, Kourtney shared she once suffered a scorpion sting in college while cleaning a bikini, leading to a hospital visit where she learned about the unusual treatment involving goat’s blood in case of a severe allergy.

She continued enjoying the Target experience, humorously noting she would only shop there again if Simon pushed her around the store as he did that day. While demonstrating Lemme products, Kourtney and Simon nearly collided with other shoppers, adding a touch of real-life chaos to the otherwise staged promotion.

In a playful display, Kourtney used a megaphone to announce Lemme’s availability nationwide, though she humorously added there were hardly any shoppers around. She posed for photos, engaged in light banter with the store cashier, and even reclined on the conveyor belt for more quirky snapshots.

Kourtney concluded her store visit by thanking her team for a fun day and hinted at future engagements. Upon leaving, a woman thanked her for the Lemme products, to which Kourtney graciously responded before driving off.

Later in the episode, Kourtney prepared for her Emmy night with Travis. Wearing a black blazer, she joked about her post-baby diet. They chose a hotel near the Emmys to facilitate keeping the baby close. In her confession, Kourtney noted this was their first significant public appearance since Rocky’s birth and their first date night out.

Reminiscing about her last Emmy visit 15 years prior, Kourtney called Kim Kardashian to fondly discuss their earlier red carpet experience. Both sisters reflected on how their lives had changed, with Kourtney now attending the Emmys as Travis performed in the opening.

Prior to the event, Kourtney shared that balancing glam, pumping, and breastfeeding had become her new norm. She admitted she didn’t feel pressure to rush back to work, expressing gratitude for the choice to focus on raising her child and the desire to be a stay-at-home mom.

Travis joined her, looking sharp in a black suit with a bowtie. As they left for the awards show, Kourtney reiterated her intention to savor the moment at the Emmys, despite still feeling partly in her “baby bubble.”

Together, they departed for the Emmys, ready to embrace the night’s experience.

Source: Daily Mail