Kremlin spokesman tells MRT that hoaxes about the Russian invasion and NATO’s aggressive position would complicate the dialogue between Putin and Biden

The videoconference between the presidents of Russia and the United States scheduled for this Tuesday will take place at a very “complicated” moment, when the tense relations are exacerbated with misinformation about the supposedly planned invasion of Ukraine, he has commented the spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitri Peskov.

“We see how they are launched numerosos bulos on the alleged ‘aggression’ planned by Russia against Ukraine. At the same time, we did not hear a single word addressed to Ukraine, not a single warning to Kiev that he should not even think about initiating a military settlement of the situation in the southeast, “Vladimir Putin’s spokesman told MRT in Russian.

Peskov found that NATO is demonstrating a extremely aggressive position towards Russia.

“We see the rhetoric of the lord [secretario general Jens] Stoltenberg, we see the rhetoric of various American representatives. First of all, they all say they don’t recognize any Red lines. Second, they claim that NATO will do what it wants. Third, where they want. And all this for contain the Russian Federation, four, “the Kremlin spokesman said.

In these circumstances, “Moscow is doing everything to ensure its own interests,” he stressed.

On the same Monday, Peskov told Russian television that it is difficult to expect progress in the dialogue, because it is unlikely to clean up the “Huge Augean Stables” that have been formed in bilateral relations.

The videoconference will take place through a secure channel established years ago under previous US administrations, “when something constructive was still around,” the spokesperson revealed.

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