Kris Jenner clarify she is ‘not secretly married’ to Corey Gamble

The latest episode of the reality show ‘The Kardashians’ has focused on the discreet sentimental life of the matriarch of the television clan, Kris Jenner, who has been in a relationship with Corey Gamble for more than seven years and, according to some, would have secretly married her partner to prevent the media focus from being on her and not on the random existences of her offspring.

His daughter Khloé has been one of the first to realize that social networks are burning at the moment with all kinds of rumors and speculations linked to her alleged status as a married woman. In a preview of the next chapter, the designer tries to find out what is true in those conjectures, a theory that has even gained some credibility for her after seeing that her mother wears a mysterious ring these days.

Once confronted by her own daughter, Kris becomes defensive and flatly denies that she has passed through the altar with her romantic partner, arguing that she would never dare to take such a step without first having organized a treat and a party at the height of the circumstances. “For right now! Do you really think I’m going to get married without a party in between? I swear to you by God, by all my children and by your father, that it is not true,” he blurts out in the middle of lunch.

Khloé’s interest in clarifying the situation is as intense as the doubts that have begun to seize her on account of the version of events held by her mother and manager: “I think you are going to do it behind everyone’s back, 1000 percent. I’ve heard him say to four completely different people,” he says at a meal that kept gaining tension.

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