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Kris Jenner to Undergo Hysterectomy Instead of Planned Ovary Removal

Kris Jenner to Undergo Hysterectomy Instead of Planned Ovary Removal

Kris Jenner recently shared some emotional news: she will undergo a full hysterectomy instead of a planned surgery to remove a cyst and tumor from her ovaries. This revelation came during a retail therapy session with her close friends Kathy Hilton and Faye Resnick, as documented on the latest episode of The Kardashians.

While shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, Kris sat down with Kathy and Faye to share the news. “You’re pregnant!” joked Kathy, to which Kris replied, “The exact opposite … tomorrow morning, 6:00 in the morning, I’m going to have a hysterectomy. And that’s okay, right?”

Both friends immediately reassured her. Kris explained that her initial plan was to have her ovaries removed, but a recent phone call from her doctor changed everything. “She goes, ‘Listen, I really think the best thing for you is the whole thing and not give anything a chance to grow anywhere,'” Kris said, her eyes welling up.

Faye commented on the positive aspects of the procedure, “That’s the benefit of having a hysterectomy. You don’t have to worry about it going forward.” Kathy added that many of her friends have had hysterectomies and are perfectly fine.

Kris also touched on a subject often left unspoken: aging and menopause. “No one talks about getting older, no one talks about menopause. No one told me about menopause,” she noted. She then turned to the camera to add that today’s generation seems to believe they’ll live forever, but they need to understand the importance of these health decisions.

Reflecting on the process, Kris became visibly emotional. She admitted she wasn’t sure why she was crying but realized it was about the symbolism of removing a part of her life that had given her six children. “I think I’m very emotional about it because when you’re young, you start talking about wanting to have a family, it was all we talked about for 40-50 years. Here we are talking about it again and it’s the other side of the process and it makes me really sad,” she confessed.

Kathy then lightened the mood with a joke, “I thought you were gonna tell me you’re getting married!” Kris responded by saying they could be her bridesmaids if she walks down the aisle again — “maybe when I’m 70.”

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