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Kris Jenner 'Very Emotional' During Hysterectomy Following Tumor Discovery

Kris Jenner ‘Very Emotional’ During Hysterectomy Following Tumor Discovery

Kris Jenner’s health journey has taken an “emotional” turn after she revealed undergoing a hysterectomy.

The 68-year-old disclosed on The Kardashians last week that she had to have both ovaries removed after doctors found a cyst and a small tumor.

This week, Kris was advised that it would be best to also remove her uterus to “not give anything a chance to grow anywhere.”

Talking to her friends Kathy Hilton and Faye Resnick, Kris shared, “I’m gonna have a hysterectomy. It started out as just getting some ovaries removed, and then today I got a phone call. They found something; we’re here to fix it.” She added, “I’m going to remove something that gave me six of the best parts of my whole life.”
Kris told her friends she was having a hysterectomy

Kris was referring to her six children: Kourtney Kardashian, 45, Kim Kardashian, 43, Khloé Kardashian, 40, Rob Kardashian, 37, Kendall Jenner, 28, and Kylie Jenner, 26.

While Kris assured her friends she was “fine” with undergoing the procedure, she admitted in a confessional that she was feeling “very emotional.”

Speaking to the camera, she said, “I’m very emotional about it because when you’re young, you start talking about wanting a family. It was all we talked about literally for 40, 50 years. So, here we are now talking about it again and it’s the other side of the process.”
Kris has had her ovaries and uterus removed

In a later confessional, Kris reminisced about her pregnancies, telling the camera, “I loved being pregnant, loved loved loved being pregnant. I do mourn not ever being able to be pregnant again. It was just this delicious time in my life where I felt like everything came to a halt. Life was beautiful. It was the best time of my life, the best years.”

Kris’ daughters Kim and Khloe tried to lift her spirits by throwing her a party ahead of her surgery.
Khloe and Kim threw Kris a party before her surgery

“My mom is pretty sad about having to lose her ovaries, and I think we just need to make it into a positive moment and bring her something to cheer her up and just celebrate the amazing work those ovaries have done,” Kim said in a confessional.

Khloe added, “We know that my mom is feeling a little anxious about her operation coming up. What we do best is we rally around each other in times of need, in happy times, when we’re scared.”
Kris was told she had a small tumor on her ovary

The operation proved to be a success as, in a teaser for next week’s episode of The Kardashians, Kris told the cameras while recovering at home, “I’m done with my surgery, and I feel great!”

Kris’ latest revelation came after she broke down when telling Kim, Khloe, and Kendall about a tumor discovered on her ovary.
Kris broke down telling her daughters about her health issues

“I wanted to tell you guys something because I hadn’t told you yet, but… you know I went to the doctor and I had my scan… they found… and this just makes me really emotional, but… they found a cyst and like a little tumor on my ovary,” she explained.
Khloe and Kendall react to their mom’s diagnosis

Holding back tears, Kris continued, “And so I went to the doctor, and Doctor A said I’ve got to have my ovaries taken out. And I’m just really emotional about it because you know they came in handy with you guys.” She added, “I’m emotional about it because that’s where all my kids were conceived, and that’s where they were grown in my tummy, and so that’s a very sacred place to me.”

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