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Kristen Doute Moving In with Luke Broderick in 'The Valley'

Kristen Doute Moving In with Luke Broderick in ‘The Valley’

The Valley star Kristen Doute is making moves towards settling down with her boyfriend, Luke Broderick. The couple has faced challenges due to the distance between them, with Luke based in Colorado and Kristen in California. Despite their efforts to start a family, moving in together has not been a priority until now.

Fans have seen Kristen navigate a series of tumultuous relationships starting from her time on Vanderpump Rules. She spent over five years with Tom Sandoval, living together until their relationship ended amid revelations of her infidelity with Jax Taylor. Kristen then had a combative relationship with James Kennedy, which also ended after about a year. Following her split with James, she dated Brian Carter for several years, a relationship characterized by frequent bickering and complaints.

Kristen’s next significant relationship with Alex Menache was less publicized due to her firing from Vanderpump Rules in 2020. Their relationship existed mostly on social media, and after they parted ways, Kristen met Luke Broderick at a wedding in June 2022. Their relationship started quietly but soon blossomed into something serious. Luke moved to California from Colorado for the summer to be with Kristen and attempt to start a family, although he was initially hesitant about permanently relocating.

According to Reality Tea, Kristen and Luke are now looking to upgrade their living situation from an apartment to a rental house. Currently, Kristen shares an apartment building with fellow Vanderpump Rules alum Katie Maloney. Luke mentioned to Bravo’s The Daily Dish that they recently submitted applications for a rental house, signaling a significant step in their relationship.

Despite living in the same building, Kristen and Katie often find it challenging to coordinate their schedules and spend time together. Kristen’s apartment, known for its unique setup with two fridges and a collection of meaningful crystals, might soon be replaced by a more spacious home if their rental applications are approved.

The second season of The Valley is about to start filming, with Jax Taylor already revealing that his birthday party will be a featured event. However, there’s anticipated drama as Jax has decided not to invite someone, keeping fans guessing about who’s been left out. Kristen’s search for a new home is likely to be part of the upcoming season, and fans can expect Jax to have plenty to say about it, despite his own life’s imperfections.

As Kristen and Luke take these significant steps, excitement builds around this new chapter in her life. Fans are eager to see if Luke will warm up to the idea of a permanent move to California. Share your thoughts on Kristen’s latest developments in the comments below.

Source: Reality Tea, Bravo’s The Daily Dish