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Kristin Davis, 59, stuns in sultry micro bikini selfie

Kristin Davis, 59, stuns in sultry micro bikini selfie

Kristin Davis, looking radiant and youthful, shared a sun-soaked selfie on Instagram, capturing the essence of summer with her caption, “It’s straw hat season!”

The former Sex and the City star, now 59, exuded natural beauty in the photo, wearing a chic straw hat and stylish sunglasses, while soaking up the sun’s rays.

This serene moment comes nearly a year after Kristin bravely decided to dissolve her facial fillers, a choice prompted by online criticism that had left her with a noticeably puffier appearance.

The star has been candid about her experiences and struggles with cosmetic enhancements. In a throwback photo shared previously, Kristin was seen in Kenya, her skin glowing and her hair perfectly tousled, crediting the unique “Kenya hair” for her look despite the jet lag.

“Jet lagged, but the Kenya hair is worth it. #throwback,” she captioned, highlighting her natural charm that won the hearts of her fans, with one admirer calling her a “goddess.”

Kristin has openly discussed the pressures and scrutiny she has faced regarding her appearance. In a heartfelt interview with The Telegraph last summer, she revealed the emotional toll that criticism over her use of facial fillers had taken on her.

“I’ve had to get them dissolved, and I’ve been ridiculed relentlessly,” she shared, expressing the painful journey towards self-acceptance in an industry that often idolizes youth.

Her journey also included a reflection on her decision to modify her lips, which, despite good intentions, did not meet her expectations.

It took the honesty of close friends to make her realize this. “Luckily I do have good friends who did say eventually – the thing is you don’t smile at yourself in the mirror. Who smiles at themselves in the mirror? Crazy people,” she mused, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and genuine connections over superficial validations.

Kristin’s experiences shed light on the broader conversation about beauty standards, self-image, and societal expectations.

“It’s a challenge to remember that you don’t have to look like that,” she remarked, highlighting the internal and external pressures to conform to certain beauty ideals.

Kristin is rumored to be dating her Cash Out co-star John Travolta.

Source: The Telegraph, Instagram