Kylie Jenner uses her private jet for a 17-minute flight

By: Justin Puptez

Published on:

Private jets are one of the celebrities’ favorite purchases. In 2017 Johnny Depp assured his accountants that neither his family nor he considered traveling on commercial airlines no matter how serious their economic problems were then, and Antonio Banderas, who has always been one of the most discreet actors in Hollywood, justified the acquisition of a four million euro plane claiming that it had made him gain quality of life.

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters also travel almost exclusively on private flights, but only Kylie and Kim have their own jets, which they have also customized to their liking by inscribing their initials in the cabin and outside. The first does not hesitate to charter his at the slightest opportunity and last Tuesday he used it to fly within the state of California, from Camarillo to Van Nuys, in a 17-minute journey that he could have done by car in less than an hour.

Environmental activists have put the cry in the sky before the decision of the businesswoman, accusing her of wasting fuel unnecessarily. She has not kept up with the criticism by explaining, for example, whether she made any donations to offset carbon emissions. On her Instagram account she has published several images in which she poses inside the device and another in which her boyfriend Travis Scott and she kiss in front of their respective jets next to the message: “Are we going in yours or mine?”

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