L-Gante broke the track of “ShowMatch”: live music and dance with Marcelo Tinelli

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The artist brought all his music and joy to the most famous track in the country.

As they say, what is promised is debt, and this Tuesday L-Gante settled his by giving a show in ShowMatch, The Academy (eltrece). In a heads up with Marcelo tinelli the artist talked about everything, sang his hits and danced with the conductor.

“Next week he will be here on the program doing a live show,” he had anticipated. Marcelo tinelli. Happy with the confirmation, this Tuesday the driver wrote on his networks: “Tonight ‘c pika’. Number one is coming”. He also shared a photo with the musician and assured: “Today my dear @lgante_keloke breaks it. What a capo you are, by God! ”.

Excited to have him on the floor, he announced it with great fanfare: “We are going to present the artist of the year. Beyond the personal affection that I have for the history that it has and because it banks that history, I love it. The other day he went to his neighborhood and there were thousands of people in a caravan as if the National Team arrived in Ezeiza after winning the Copa América ”. After doing a brief review of his career, he welcomed him.

The hit with which he teaches the lyrics to the youngest. (Photo: showmatch)

In the front row was the mother of the singer-songwriter who said that she often thinks about her son’s songs and stressed that it was she who gave him the artistic name. “My mom rested me because she walked like a surgeon. She put me L-Ghent ironically. ‘What elegance’ he told me, “he recalled making everyone laugh.

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“Now, let the pachanga be armed!”, He exclaimed and made everyone dance. Even Marcelo was encouraged to take a few steps. Of course he sang his hits and could not miss the favorite song of the smaller public: the cumbia with which he teaches the alphabet.

Caravan to the Bicentennial Neighborhood and a massive show

After his international tour, the artist fulfilled the corresponding isolation in a house located in a private neighborhood of General Rodríguez. But what he wanted was to reconnect with the people of the Barrio Bicentenario, and he did. “How nice to see my people again,” he announced on his networks as he was received by a crowd.

L-Gante performed live at General Rodríguez. (Photo: TN screenshot)

Hundreds of people greeted him and congratulated him on his success, the singer harangued everyone from the roof of his truck and described several of the streets he knows like the back of his hand. “Today the neighborhood is celebrating, why I leave it to your discretion. Look at all of us! ”He exclaimed.

But not only did a crowd follow him on this tour of General Rodríguez, but he was also accompanied by more than 35 thousand people in an Instagram live.

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