L-Gante’s mother laughed when Cristina Kirchner mentioned her son: “I was amused by how she named him”

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L-Gante's mother laughed when Cristina Kirchner mentioned her son: "I was amused by how she named him"

Weeks ago, L-Ghent’s name rang out loud, in an unthinkable way, in the political arena. The vice president Cristina Kirchner He named him at an event in the Buenos Aires suburbs, where he presented the program Conectar Igualdad in Lomas de Zamora and gave him an example saying that he had used one of the computers granted by the Government to compose a hit.

Hours later, the singer told the story behind the anecdote: he said he did not feel “used” by the former president but clarified that he bought the netbook. The ex-president stressed that the interpreter of “Pistola” had used a computer from this state program to take his first steps in music. “In 2014, thanks to Connect Equality and a $ 1000 microphone, L-Ghent made a song that today has 176 million views on YouTube, ”he said, pronouncing Valenzuela’s stage name in English, which generated some laughs.

Claudia Valenzuela, mother of Elian Valenzuela, real name of L-Gante spoke in the program “And now, who can help us?” that Ernesto Tenembaum conducts on Radio con Vos, FM89.9. “Messages began to reach me on social media where they said: ‘Cristina named him “but I couldn’t find a connection. I heard it and I was first amused by how he named it, it is finer. Later he said that Wos was the only ragpicker he knew as he deals a lot about social reality, although Elian also deals with some issues. But Wos does it differently ”, he highlighted.

Immediately, the artist became a trend on the networks. Photo: Instagram @lgante_keloque

And he added: “When he said about the computer I laughed because I knew how it had gotten. One came from the school as he said but he was not studying. I went to ask for it and they sent me to pick it up at other schools. I got tired and said ‘that’s it’. She never had his. Time passed and the boys had their netbook. Some stopped studying and that is the reality ”.

In the interview, Claudia described the sacrifice her son lived through and the social reality of the neighborhood where they live, in General Rodríguez. “People who are out of work, who have no food for. People no longer want plans, they want work. They are very sad and if Elian’s music makes them smile, that’s what we care about ”.

Days ago, L -Gante shared a video where he taught by singing the alphabet. “I got videos of parents asking me to make one with the boards. I tell them: wait, he is learning them, he is going to do them, “he said jokingly.

At the beginning of July, the young singer confirmed his first concert with an audience in the City of Buenos Aires. The artist -who became one of the most resonant figures of current music- will bring his songs to Villa Crespo on September 25.

Thank you for letting me fulfill a dream”Wrote Elián Valenzuela, 21 years old. The young man from General Rodríguez who in a few months went from being a rising singer looking for an opportunity to becoming an exponent of the movement that has accumulated more than 180 million streams.

The output of “Villarap “ -the Music Session of Bizarrap- was the starting point for his songs to cross borders, with that impulse L Gante quickly became a export phenomenon. His songs began to tour Europe, the United States and Mexico, to the point that weeks ago he embarked on his first international tour.

Cumbia 420 in the hands of the producer of the moment, exceeded 30 million views in 10 days and nine million in the rest of the platforms, in addition, it remained for weeks in the number one position in Spotify Argentina. Today it harvests more than 180 million views.

The speed with which the artist rose to popularity was astonishing. In March the song was released, which had the addition of being the first time that Bizarrap included cumbia in one of its featuring. From then on all were celebrations, records, trips and neighbors waiting at the door of their house to be able to take a picture with their new idol.

Although it swept Villarap, it became known in 2018 with “L-Gante RKT” -which today has 196 million views on YouTube-, with that song he reached fame in the country. The singer was in Spain where he gave a series of concerts and then traveled to Mexico. Recently, he shared a video celebrating the success of “Malianteo 420″ and eating with Patón Guzmán, Los Tigres goalkeeper. The Argentine player invited him to his home and took him to visit the Nuevo León stadium.

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