La abuela: disturbing trailer for the new horror film by Paco Plaza, creator of REC

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The grandmother is the new horror movie of Paco Plaza, director of REC Y Veronica, among others, a new story as disturbing as it is shocking that will hit theaters next October 22, 2021. This is how he has shared it Sony Pictures España, distributor of a film that presents its first details and a official synopsis that will take our breath away.

The grandmother: opening in theaters on October 22

Thus, the Valencian filmmaker returns once again to his favorite genre and brings us a new horror story with the screenwriter Carlos Vermouth (winner of the San Sebastián Golden Shell for Magical Girl from an idea of ​​Paco Plaza himself), whose professional relationship dates back to the successful and equally chilling Verónica of 2017. Let’s see what his story tells us official synopsis:

“Susana (Almudena Amor) has to leave her life in Paris working as a model to return to Madrid. Her grandmother Pilar (Vera Valdez) has just suffered a stroke. Years ago, when Susana’s parents died, her grandmother raised her as her own daughter. Susana needs to find someone to take care of Pilar, but what should be only a few days with her grandmother, they will end up becoming a terrifying nightmare”.

Filmed between Madrid and Paris, La abuela bets on the veteran Brazilian actress Vera Valdez, one of Coco Chanel’s most famous models in the 1950s, to play an elderly woman who apparently has a very dark side … The grandmother is produced by Apache Films next to Atresmedia Cinema Y Sony Pictures. After passing through theaters at the end of next October, the film will become part of the catalog of Amazon Prime Video.

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