La Caixa, unstoppable in investment funds: captures 25% of the entries in July

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After the merger of the two entities (Bankia and Caixa), equity in investment funds reaches 75,525 million euros, Which is equivalent to a market share of 24.9%, according to provisional data from Inverco at the end of July 2021. Its closest competitors, Santander AM reaches 49,270 million euros and a share 8.65 percentage points below (16,2%) while BBVA is around 42,000 million euros and a share of 13,8% (more than 10 points less than the leader).

Among the management companies with assets greater than 1,000 million euros but less than 2,000 million, there are 11 management companies, among which are those with a 0.5% share such as Credit Suisse Gestión, Mediolanum, Santalucía and March, while Those with a 0.4% share are Cobas and Andbank, and with a 0.3% share Dunas, Gaesco and AzValor.

In addition to leading in equity, the manager of Caixabank also leads in monthly net subscriptions aimed at investment funds, with some 566 million euros, which represents 25% of the total of monthly inflows in the industry, while the BBVA manager, which also recorded inflows of more than 326 million euros, only represented 14.4% of the total, when the Santander manager lagged far behind, with inflows that they barely exceed 153 million euros (6.8% of the total).

Other managers whose subscriptions also stand out are: Ibercaja Management that even captures something more than Santander (171.7 million euro), Kutxabank management with 147 million euros, 6% of the total 2,267 million of the industry, Mapfre with almost 135 million euros and Bankinter with 106.6 million euros.

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For their part, those who registered reimbursements were Nobangest, Gaesco Gestión, Mutuactivos, Cobas and UBS Gestión that together they registered greetings amounting to 60.8 million euros.

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