La Cantina: Good End and the Bargain Hunt

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The Good End 2021 takes place from November 10 to 16 and this time the Cantina opened its doors to go out to hunting for bargains, the best prices, promotions and discounts on video games, accessories and gadgets.

In this edition, Rolando Vera and Vladimir Arteaga analyzed one by one the offers within the geek categories of retailers such as

However, exercises were done in real time to give purchase recommendations such as the one they found from the Nintendo Switch Lite gris at a price of $ 3,999 pesos on the Wal-Mart website.

During these searches, they also listed search tools ranging from Google search engine to monitor the best prices or Chrome extensions like Keepa to be able to see the behavior of price changes in a timeline. This last tool was used in several examples and it was possible to see in real time when it is convenient to make a purchase, since we can identify within a graph when the cost of the object is below its historical average. Such was the exercise that even during the transmission they were able to locate the lowest cost of the Philips HUE ambient light strip from 2 meters to $ 1,249 pesos, one of the gadgets preferred by streamers to set the mood for their studies.

Towards examples of searching for solid state drives such as the WD_Black D30, Ram memories like the Kingston Fury Beast Black DDR4 at 3200 Mhz and gamer monitors.

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In addition to this, both made recommendations to use financing for months without interest or when it is convenient to pay cash in video games or gadgets.


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