La Cantina: What If ..? The Squid Game

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La Cantina Meristation opened its doors to comment on two of the most viewed series in recent months: What If…? AND The Squid Game, by the way they imagined what would happen if some things changed so much in the series of Disney+ as in the record breaking of Netflix.

The guests

For this table Montserrat Simó from Heraldo TV, Gabriel Huerta, Vladimir Arteaga and Rolando Vera characterized by the iconic squid game doll, they developed the positive and negative points of both series.

What If…?

In the first part of the program, the guests talked about the most relevant points of the 9 episodes that can be found in the Disney + service, their favorite chapters with their respective reasons and incidentally speculated with the sea of ​​possibilities within the world Marvel, as well as its relationship with movies and comics.

The Squid Game

The South Korean series with 9 episodes of an average duration of 45 minutes that has achieved that more than 111 million viewers In its first four weeks on Netflix, it was the climax of this program, since points such as the origin of the script, possible reasons for its success, inspirations, social context, texts, movies and series with similar themes were analyzed.

In the end everyone threw their What if…? within the series and how these possible scenarios could have affected the outcome. Another very funny moment was when everyone at the table speculated about the type of games that could be if this series had been developed in Mexico or any other country in Latin America and if in this part of the continent people had succumbed to a Similar proposal in moments of despair, as the argument proposes.

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As is customary, the audience through Facebook, YouTube and Twitch chats participated with specific comments on both series.


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