“La casa de las Flores”: why Verónica Castro attacked the creator of the Netflix series

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Veronica Castro He openly responded to the statements of Manolo Caro, creator of “La casa de las Flores”, who referred to the reasons that the Mexican actress had for leaving the Netflix series. The renowned artist, through her Twitter account, denied what Caro pointed out in a forceful way.

The mother of singer Cristian Castro was part of the beginning of the successful production by playing Virginia de Mora.

However, after the series’ successful debut, a Castro she was not seen again and there was too much speculation about the causes of her absence in the fiction.

“I love Verónica very much and respect her, but it took us by surprise when she decided to leave the series. I could have called another actress from that generation and for an aunt to arrive, my intention was to do justice to the character, not to the actress, because who I had the project with after the actress left the project was with the character “, He said Expensive on .

Manolo Caro also insisted that it was not a personal matter among them, but Verónica Castro was poorly advised by its closest environment.

“The relationship has always been wonderful and with a lot of respect. I have never raised my voice to her or she to me, Verónica was surrounded by people who gave her terrible advice and who filled her with insecurities because there were characters who had shone more “, he detailed.

Given this, Veronica Castro denied it by Twitter and, although he did not mention it, he said that “Excuse the truth, it’s not worth naming people liar. May God forgive and bless you “.

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Veronica Castro He said that he had no intention of leaving the series and that everything happened differently from the one he told Manolo Caro.

“I repeat, do not leave the series. I arranged with Netflix and Manolo Caro said that only three chapters and that he would work with the voice-over all the rest because he would speak dead and that was what I did not accept “he tweeted.

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