La Casa de Papel 5: the secondary character that could be key in the story

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After an extensive and arduous wait for the fans, this Friday, September 3, the fifth and final season of The Money Heist. With five episodes, this first part of the series will focus on the 100 hours that robbers have been at the Bank of Spain. And, then, on December 3 there will be another five chapters that will definitively close the story of The Professor and his band.

In the season four finale, the protagonists of The Money Heist They face a serious problem: the architect of everything, Sergio, is captured by Inspector Sierra. Better known as The Professor, this man was the one who gave the Civil Guard several headaches and, according to various theories, the fact of having captured him could be the exit ticket for Sierra.

So much so that, everything indicates that for this edition the Professor has a new task: to escape to help his band. And, while many things were said about it, now a new theory has emerged: a secondary character will be the key to get the whole group out of trouble. As it transpired, on this occasion, “the Captain” would be the great savior.

In all seasons, Álvaro Morte’s character has always had an ace up his sleeve and, now, he would turn to “El Capitan” again. Although it did not have much relevance, since it was hidden in the background of the third edition, now it would become very important since it would be he who would help them escape from the Bank of Spain.

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After their first robbery, it was this same person who helped them, according to fictional media, to escape from Spain and travel to international waters. In addition, this would coincide with the repeated occasions in which The Professor used the services of different groups to get his way. Although, there are still two days until the premiere of The Money Heist so for now we just have to wait.

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