La Casa de Papel 5: the theory that ensures that Tokyo is still alive

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The streaming service Netflix begins to come off one of his most successful series in recent years. The Money Heist premiered the first episodes of its final season last Friday, where fans were emotional and suffered with the death of Tokio, played by Úrsula Corberó. Nevertheless, Internet users collected details from the past to ensure that the character is still alive.

The last installment was present with 5 vibrant chapters for the fans, where the gang of robbers has been locked up in the Bank of Spain for more than 100 hours, while The Professor was discovered and captured by Inspector Alicia Sierra. It will be the first time that the team has no plans and what started with a robbery will turn into a war.

As we have seen in episode 5, Such she receives shots from snipers from outside and is seriously wounded, but she continues to stand, while being cornered with her companions in the kitchen, where they form a kind of trench. Denver and Manila manage to escape and save themselves, but she knows that she cannot escape and ends up receiving multiple bullet wounds, but not before removing the rings from her grenades to explode Gandía and his colleagues.

+ Theory: why Tokyo would still be alive

Some users of social networks and forums such as Reddit commented that Tokyo should still be alive to tell the story we observe, just as it has been doing since the first season. Later, when he mentions that the day he killed Gandía “he had everything against him”, he would have to stay alive because otherwise it doesn’t make any sense.

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Finally, in the moment before what would be his death, she tells the Professor that she is “her guardian angel”. These same words are those that Lisbon said to the figure incarnated by Álvaro Morte before faking his death, so it is suspected that the production repeated this play with the fans and that in reality it still lives. The truth is that to know if it is real we must wait until the last 5 chapters, which will arrive on December 3.

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