La Casa de Papel 5: this is how the fans reacted to the premiere

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Finally! After so much waiting, the fifth season of The Money Heist is now available on Netflix. With only five episodes, as planned, the strip has already become a worldwide success again. Just two days ago, the platform announced that there would be another death this season thanks to the monument of the five fallen, thus capturing more public interest.

In fact, such was the anxiety generated by the premiere of The Money Heist that an Indian company decreed a day off so that its employees can watch the episodes. However, many of the fans chose to get up early and see all the chapters before anyone else. What’s more, most of them have already reacted on the networks and both the hashtag # LCDP5 and Tokyo, Nairobi and Stockholm are trending on Twitter.

The character from Nairobi, played by Alba Flores, was the one who sacrificed herself in the previous season for the good of the band. And, this was what caused the outrage of all the followers. So much so that none of the followers of the story could forget her and her legendary phrase: “the matriarchy begins”.

Nairobi was missed by many fans. Photo: (Netflix)

Also, another of those who could not be absent in the memes is Arturito, who is played by Enrique Arce. Since the first edition, his role is one of the most hated, despite being a hostage and, therefore, the production could not leave him out for the last part. However, fans made fun of him, but also praised his impeccable work as a performer.

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The best memes and reactions of the premiere of La Casa de Papel:

Raya and the Last Dragon


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