La Casa de Papel 5 will have two key characters in the story

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La Casa de Papel 5 will have two key characters in the story

The fifth and final season of The Money Heist is closer than ever. On September 3, the first part will arrive on Netflix, while the second will be available three months later, on December 3. This decision to divide the series into two volumes increased the expectation and speculation about the plot that this long-awaited closure by all fans will have.

It is that, on this occasion, Álex Pina managed to maintain the secrecy around the new edition of The Money Heist and, for that reason, a lot of speculation was generated about the episodes to come. Among them is the possible reappearance of Nairobi, the return of Berlin alive and not through flashbacks, the possible murder of Rio and the unexpected and tragic end of Stockholm, that is, Esther Acebo.

Stockholm could be one of the sacrifices next season. Photo: (Netflix)

It is still unknown which of all these things could be fulfilled, but in any case, two new theories have emerged that, if true, could take a totally unexpected turn in the story, making two characters the most important of this season. And, one of them, would comply with the words of The Professor (Álvaro Morte) throughout the entire strip: he always has an ace up his sleeve and, only now, would it be seen with total accuracy.

The two key characters of La Casa de Papel:

1. Marsella:

Portrayed by Luka Peros, Marseille always played a low-key and supporting character. In none of the seasons did he enter where the blows were made, but even so, he never stopped helping The Professor and his band, especially because of the friendship he maintained with Berlin (Pedro Alonso).

Marseille would be one of the most important.  Photo: (Netflix)

Marseille would be one of the most important. Photo: (Netflix)

Without being fully known by the Civil Guard, it is now assumed that he could be the one who helps El Professor escape from Inspector Sierra, who at the end of the fourth season found the hideout of the head of the gang. Nothing is confirmed yet, but he could be the one who, at the very least, saves the group from the army.

2. Miguel Ángel Silvestre:

Last year, when it became known that the recordings had begun, it was also reported that both Patrick Criado and Miguel Ángel Silvestre would join the cast. It is still unknown what his roles will be, but all theories suggest that the also protagonist of Sky Red It could be someone from Tokyo’s past.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Úrsula Corberó.  Photo: (HELLO Spain)

Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Úrsula Corberó. Photo: (HELLO Spain)

According to the first images, the actor always appeared next to the character of Úrsula Corberó and, everything would indicate that he could be an ex-boyfriend who comes to his memories to further complicate his situation with Río (Miguel Herrán).

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