La Casa de Papel: a week after the premiere, Netflix spoiled the most important death of the series

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It is increasingly difficult to navigate the networks without having seen the series of the moment and keeping it up to date. As you know, Netflix was one of the companies responsible for redefining the way people watch television and brought the famous binge watching, translated as “Series marathon”. Fictions like Stranger Things O The Money Heist are world phenomena that premiere their episodes simultaneously and should be watched as quickly as possible before the possibility that someone ruins the experience with a spoiler.

What would never be expected is that an official account waits so little time to spread the spoiler of a series. It is difficult to agree on the amount of time that must pass before it is socially acceptable to talk about a series or a movie without considering that the experience was ruined for someone who did not see the production in question. In the case of Avengers: Endgame, for instance, the russo brothers empowered fans to talk about spoilers in the networks two weeks after the release of the film.

One week after the arrival of The Money Heist, on Netflix they considered, without warning, that enough time had passed to discuss the first volume of the final season. Bill Che Netflix, which responds to the company in Argentina, shared a gif and with a “spoiler alert” that was questioned by some users, they spoke of the death of one of the characters in the series. You can see the tweet under these lines.

What the fans said about La Casa de Papel

The posting of the account Netflix Argentina outraged many fans who did not take long to put in Twitter how annoyed they were by the way the spoiler had been communicated. Some even made the decision to stop following the account and remembered that something similar had happened with one of the characters in Occupy. In defense of the community manager, at that time there was a certain legal vacuum since the series is more than twenty years old.

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“It is not done, crazy, you can not put the spoiler next to the alert because you read it anyway. All wrong”, wrote @Greichuvalle. Many of the comments were in this line and they suggested to the person in charge of making the post to put together a thread to avoid these problems. “When you put spoiler alert the spoiler has to be much lower”, he pointed @ari_strigiforme.

(Twitter: @Greichuvalle)

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