La Casa de Papel: Álex Pina rewrote the ending 33 times

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The Money Heist is about to reach your final and there is less and less to know what will happen to the robbers who in recent years were the great success of Netflix. Originally, the series was intended as a television strip with a certain beginning and ending. However, the great reception from the public when its first seasons reached the streaming giant, forced the writers to spread the furor. With this context, the creator of the series confessed that rewrote the ending about 33 times of the production.

Only missing two days so that the first half of the final season of The Money Heist get to the platform. The theories of users on how it will conclude the perfect plan of The Professor flood social networks. The truth is that it could end in the most unexpected way. It was his own Alex Pina who, in conversation with the medium Esquire Middle East, He acknowledged how much it cost him to close the show.

We had an idea of ​​how we were going to continue after season four. In fact, usually the first thing we know is the end. But in the case of the fifth part, what happened in the final chapters is what we had designed and it didn’t work”, Explained the Spanish scriptwriter. And I add: “We had to radically change the last chapter, that is, we changed everything we had in mind about how the heist ended because it was not working for us. It took 33 versions to do it”.

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Many fans of the series around the world began to assume that it would be a tragic ending for some of the characters. Among them, it was rumored about the death of The Professor, Denver, Helsinki, Rio and even the evil Gandía. Pina was sincere: “Was a critical moment, we had five parts and two robberies of more than two thousand minutes of fiction. We had to face the fact that the story we wanted to tell was not working. Generally, we write while we are recording because we know where the characters and their bows go”.

The creator of The Money Heist admitted: “We write everything else on the spot, we discuss it on the fly and while we see how the series evolves in post production”. Although we still do not know what that ending is that cost so much to the creators of the series themselves, the truth is that it is generating great expectations for the followers of the program. In just two days, Netflix will premiere the first part and finally in December we will know that ending that had 33 versions.

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