La Casa de Papel effect: a woman robbed a business with Dalí’s red overalls and mask

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Netflix has just added a fifth of The Money Heist to your catalog. In this edition, which is the first volume of the last season, the band is still confined to the Bank of Spain while The Professor has to get rid of the hands of Inspector Sierra. Of course, there is something that does not fail: the group of robbers once again wore their red overalls and their Dalí mask.

Since 2017, when she was rescued by Netflix, The Money Heist became a worldwide phenomenon. In fact, such is the success of this strip that the characteristic costumes of the characters were replicated in several countries. Although none matches the original, many fans of fiction were able to dress like the robbers at some parties, events or to make simple jokes.

Although, there are some others who took this symbol from “freedom and representation of injustice”Literally. On The Money Heist, the robbers show that their outfit, as well as the mask, is part of what will make them reach the story. But, what they never imagined or at least was not in Álex Pina’s plans is that this wardrobe is also replicated to commit real crimes.

The band in their overalls. Photos: (Netflix)

And, as much as it seems the best publicity in full premiere of the fifth season, it was a real fact. Last Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. in Gran Mendoza, Argentina, the company Valverde Transport suffered a robbery at the hands of a 38-year-old woman who wore no more and no less than a red overalls and a Dalí mask. Threatening the employees and using a toy gun, the thief took 190 thousand Argentine pesos, 4 million Chilean pesos and 16 thousand dollars.

However, it should be noted that this robber, who was identified as SP, lacked one detail: she did not have the audacity and intelligence of El Professor. This is because, according to what transpired, she was chased by one of the employees who managed to capture her and detain her until the patrol arrives, as well as taking her purse with the money. “The thief had stopped to ask for water”, Stated the owner of the company, Juan Valverde.

The Dalí mask used in the series.  Photo: (Netflix)

The Dalí mask used in the series. Photo: (Netflix)

What would The Professor say to this? That is something that will never be known, but that would not have happened to him, that’s for sure. In fact, to the outrage of the same members of the company, when they captured the 38-year-old woman, they discovered that she was the wife of one of the employees. “It was the lady of an employee of mine. I can’t believe it, because he was a terrific employee, hardworking”Valverde said.

So much so that, now, they suspect that the assailant’s husband is involved in the robbery and, if so, it is clear that their plan was not well put together. So, better, when dressing in Dalí’s overalls and mask, you have to think twice because, apparently fiction cannot overcome reality.

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