La Casa de Papel: is it possible that Diana Gómez de Valeria reappears?

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Only missing 10 days for the premiere of the fifth season from The Money Heist on Netflix. And their loyal fans can no longer wait: on social networks they debate about the new characters, discuss what the end will be like and formulate theories about this new installment. Recently, the streaming giant introduced the new characters that will be part of the series. But something that generated an unknown is whether they will continue all the roles that we saw in last season. One of them is Diana Gomez, protagonist of Valeria.

The Catalan actress had her first participation in this phenomenon of Alex Pina in the third part. Although his face probably sounds familiar to you from the series that he stars in and that has just premiered the second season, the truth is that Gómez faced a role that could become relevant in what comes next. Is that his character has a link with, nothing more and nothing less, that Berlin and The teacher.

She put herself in the shoes of Tatiana, a woman who defines herself in The Money Heist as a professional pianist and thief. As if that were not enough, through the use of flashbacks, the series showed how he became the great love of the character of Pedro Alonso, to the point of get marry and hold a small ceremony but with unforgettable guests: the brother from Berlin, Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna), Bogotá (Hovik Keuchkerian) and Marseille (Luka Peroš).

Diana Gómez stars in Valeria, the series that has just premiered its second season (Nefflix).

Although this woman was not fundamental to the development of the story, we well know that in The Money Heist nothing is random and everything we see later will have some explanation. This is why one of the strongest theories involves Tatiana’s presence in the present, after what happened with her late husband. How was the theory born? Days ago, Netflix released the list of actors to join at the end of the series.

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One of them is Rafael (Patrick Created), Berlin’s 31-year-old son who has studied computer engineering at MIT in Massachusetts. The young man has something very clear: he does not want to be like his father so, without a doubt, he will be an explosive character. It is enough to remember the own words of the character of Alonso in the first episodes of the series: “A child is a nuclear warhead that is going to destroy everything”.

How is the bond between Rafael and Tatiana? Is there any chance that it is his mother? Why could both be a key piece in the last chapters? All that fans are wondering today and it will be a matter of days to find out with the launch of the first part of the fifth season this September 3. Only one thing is confirmed: Diana Gomez will return and you will dazzle everyone with your participation.

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