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La Casa de Papel presented its new characters and the one that attracted the most attention is Rafael

Exactly five years ago, few could imagine what it would become The Money Heist. In fact, after premiering a season in Antenna 3 and without much audience, the series was more for cancellation than anything else. However, it was at that time that Netflix enters the scene and transforms this heist story is a real success.

This year comes to an end after five seasons. His latest installment will be divided into two parts and the first will be released in September. Of course, on the part of the fans there is already a huge expectation for what can happen with The teacher, especially. For now, the platform has just unveiled new characters and one of them more attracted attention due to its close relationship with Berlin, one of the heads of La Banda.

Netflix introduced the new characters of La Casa de Papel

From what is known so far the fifth season of The Money Heist will have 3 new characters. Is about Rafael, René and Sagasta. While René (Miguel Angel Silvestre) is the old love of Such, the one with whom he began to carry out robberies in different places and with whom he traveled the whole world, Sagasta He is the commander of the Special Forces of the Spanish Army.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre will play René, a former partner from Tokyo (Photo: Netflix)

He is an agent with extensive experience in international missions and, in addition, he is a born leader, whom his men will follow to the end if he asks. Sagasta has a calculating, cold and even ruthless mind. So it will be dangerous in this story and to be feared for all members.

The Money Heist

(Photo Credits: Netflix)

Finally, we have Rafael (Patrick Created), perhaps the character that has attracted the most attention. He is none other than the son of Berlin. Today the young man is 31 years old, he studied computer engineering at MIT in Massachusetts and he has one thing very clear: he does not want to be like his father. But we will have to wait to see what this boy will bring us in La Banda’s new adventure.

The Money Heist

The Paper House will present the son of Berlin (Photo: Netflix)

When La Casa de Papel 5 opens

Volume 1 of The Paper House 5 hits the Netflix screen next September 3. Meanwhile, volume 2 at the end of the year, on December 3.

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