La Casa de Papel, Sex Education, Lucifer and more series coming to Netflix in September 2021

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The most important news for subscribers of the streaming service arrived Netflix in Latin America: the premieres of the series that will be part of the platform’s catalog from September 1. Previously we already informed you about the film and television content that will be withdrawn from the same date, but here we bring you everything that will arrive. There will be big premieres, like part 1 of the last season of The Money Heist, the final delivery of Lucifer and part 3 of Sex Education. Check out the full list!

+ Series premieres on Netflix in September 2021

– How to be a good cowboy

Premiere: September 1st
Dale Brisby leverages his knowledge of social media and his skills as a rodeo clown to teach the world what it means to be a good cowboy.

– The 100 | Season 7

Premiere: September 1st
As the Anomaly reveals its true nature, warring groups and new dangers jeopardize Clarke’s efforts to sow peace once and for all.

– Hotel del Luna | Season 1

Premiere: September 2
After receiving an offer to run a hotel for dead souls, a sophisticated hotelier gets to meet the original owner of the place and her strange world.

– Q-Force

Premiere: September 2
A gay superspy and his motley LGBTQ squad struggle to prove their worth to the agency that underestimates them. First in West Hollywood, then the rest of the world!

– The Paper House | Part 1 – Season 5

Premiere: September 3
The gang has been at the Bank of Spain for 100 hours now, and the Professor is in danger. Worse still, a new enemy is approaching them: the army.

– The Circle: EE.UU | Temporada 3

Premiere: September 8th
A new group of would-be imposters and honest allies join The Circle in hopes of winning this third season’s cash prize.

– Lucifer | Season 6

Premiere: September, 10th
Lucifer got the promotion, but are you looking forward to the job? Also, Chloe prepares to leave investigative work, Amenadiel joins the police, and more.

– Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father | Temporada 5

Premiere: September 14
Comedian Jack Whitehall and his bored father Michael embark on unusual trips to other lands to strengthen their relationship.

– The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals | Season 2

Premiere: September 14
Megan Batoon, Jo Franco, and Luis D. Ortiz discover more dream rentals for every budget and share helpful tips for getting the perfect stay.

– Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Temporada 7

Premiere: September 14
Jake and Amy reconsider their family plans. Holt is annoyed with his demotion. Old friends and enemies return to the brigade amid the usual entanglements.

– Nailet It! | Temporada 6

Premiere: September 15
Despite the bad home experiences, the intention is to reproduce works of art from the pastry shop for a cash prize. Part reality, part disaster.

– Playing with fire: Latino

Premiere: September 15
A group of fiery singles from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Spain accept the challenge of giving up sex. But, in this reality show, abstinence has a very positive side: USD 100,000. New episodes every week.

– Final Space | Season 3

Premiere: 16 of September
Gary and the crew fight to survive amid the chaos and slaughter of Final Space, as well as eluding the evil Invictus, who seeks to master the powers of Mooncake.

– The Squid Game

Premiere: September, 17th
Money-hungry gamblers accept a strange invitation to compete in various children’s games. A succulent prize awaits, but will it be worth it?

– Sex Education | Temporada 3

Premiere: September, 17th
As word spreads about a “sex school,” a new headmistress seeks to control the rowdy group of students and Otis, hide her juicy secret.

– Castle and Castle | Temporada 2

Premiere: September, 17th
Lawyers Remi and Tega Castle, husband and wife, face challenges both in and out of court while running their law firm in Lagos, Nigeria.

– Chicago Party Aunt

Premiere: September, 17th
Diane, the Wrigleyville party girl, is a fan of the Chicago Cubs and beef sandwiches, and has a knack for immaturity, but her weakness is her nerdy nephew.

– Keeping Up with the Kardashians | Temporada 6

Premiere: September, 17th
The Kardashian clan returns for another fun-filled season, in which everyone commits to spending more quality time together.

– Love on the spectrum | Season 2

Premiere: September 21st
It is not always easy to find love. For young people with autism spectrum disorder, exploring the unpredictable world of dating is even more difficult.

– Jaguar

Premiere: September 22
Sixties. A Holocaust survivor joins a group seeking to bring to justice the Nazis who hid in Spain after World War II.

– Dear White People | Volumen 4

Premiere: September 22
After meeting again in the middle of a pandemic, the versions of Sam and Lionel from the future recall the epic last year they lived in Winchester in the musical key of the 90s.

– Midnight mass

Premiere: 24th September
The arrival of a priest in an isolated community brings with it a series of mysterious miracles and terrifying omens. From the creator of The Curse of Hill House.

– Reas: New Orleans

Premiere: 24th September
This is life behind bars for a group of incarcerated women serving their sentences in a New Orleans prison.

– How much does the blood weigh? | Season 2

Premiere: 24th September
The Cape Town-set youth series returns with more twists and turns.

– The Hartung case

Premiere: September 29th
They find a young woman brutally murdered in a Copenhagen playground. Above it hangs a doll made of chestnuts. An adaptation of the acclaimed novel.

– Love 101 | Season 2

Premiere: September 30th
The series set in Istanbul returns, in which a group of young people from the nineties grapple with the conflicts and sorrows of adolescence.

– Corruption in Bangkok

Premiere: no date yet
Just arrived in Bangkok, Wanchai enters a road emergency service and, with the help of a journalist, unravels a conspiracy that involves the entire city.


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