La Casa de Papel: the 5 characters that could have a tragic ending and why

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If it’s crazy theories, The Money Heist It is one of the series that heads the list. The original production of Netflix will premiere its next season on September 3 and already released the first images. The assumptions of fans who play at guessing which characters could have a game quickly became a trend. tragic ending in this new installment.

But … what is true in all this? Nothing is confirmed by the scriptwriters. However, the attackers in red romper did not deny any of the public’s hypotheses, leaving the door open to any death or possible end. Less than a month to discover what is really happening in the series created by Alex Pina and starring Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte Y Pedro Alonso, among other actors. Meanwhile, we share with you the list of the five characters that could suffer an attack in the next season. Watch out for spoilers if you haven’t seen all the episodes yet!

+ The 5 characters that can die in La Casa de Papel 5


It is not the first time that it is said that the character played by Miguel Herran he could be murdered in the following season. In fact, something similar has been thought in the third part of the story. How does this theory arise? During the filming of The Money Heist, the actor shared an image of himself in front of the mirror on his Instagram.

In her we can see two key elements that lead to this conclusion: her wardrobe is dirty and untidy and she accompanied the photo with the song The End belonging to the band The Doors. Everything indicates that this could be the end of Rio in the group of robbers.

Does this image mean the death of Rio? (Instagram @ miguel.g.herran).

-The teacher

Sergio Marquina, his real name, became one of the audience’s favorite characters. He has everything under control, takes care of even the smallest detail of the plan and is always one step ahead. But the character that I give life to Alvaro Death, it could be finished in less than a month.

It was in an interview where Álex Pina, accompanied by the director Jesus Colmenar, they referred to the possible spin off of the series and pointed out that in the case of The Professor, the whole story was already told throughout the five seasons. Could it be that everything ends with the series? We do not know, but the fact that it is Tokio (Úrsula Corberó) who narrates the story and addresses him as his “guardian angel” may be a clue.

The teacher

The Professor could die in the fifth season of La Casa de Papel (Netflix).


Something has become clear throughout the previews that Netflix has shared in this fifth part: it is no longer about a perfect plan and its execution, but now there is a conflict that even involves the Army. In the official trailer you can see the killer of Nairobi tied up outside the bank. The conjectures did not take long to reach social networks and it is already believed that the robbers have subjected him to explosives to avenge the death of his friend.

-Denver and Helsinki

Following the brutal attack on Nairobi, the series featured a scene of her reuniting with characters such as Moscow, Berlin Y Oslo, that in the first seasons they were assassinated in the Factory of Currency and Stamp. Apparently, this place where they are present is a rare kind of “heaven” where they meet face to face again. But they are not alone: Denver (Jaime Lorente) y Helsinki (Darko Peric) They are also there accompanied by The Professor. Did they tell us the end and we haven’t realized it?

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