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La Casa de Papel: the actor from “Sea of ​​Plastic” and “Living without permission” who joins the series

The streaming service Netflix awaits the arrival of the first part of the final season of The Money Heist, which will be available from September 3. There we will see the continuation of the story after what was seen in the fourth installment, but we will have new members who have already been introduced. One of them is Patrick Created, who you saw on other popular shows.

The 25-year-old actor born in Madrid, Spain began his career in 2005 with various roles on national television, but achieved his rise to fame when he joined Red Eagle like Nuño de Santillana and Guzmán, where he was part of 90 episodes. It was previously part of Love in troubled times, The commissioner, With two heels and The 13 roses.

In 2013 it achieved greater recognition when was nominated for the Goya Awards as best new actor for the film The great Spanish family. In his following years he continued his growth with the role of Fernando Rueda in the program Sea of ​​plastic, for which he obtained a nomination at the Feroz Awards for Best Supporting Actor. It was also part of Live without permission, Telecinco show that can be seen on Netflix, like Daniel Arteaga Vargas.

This year he was also named again by Bajocero, one of the most successful projects of the platform, by embodying Nano. In an interview with RTVE explained what this feature film meant to him: “It is very beautiful to interpret as well as complex, you had to play with very interesting things for the film. And I loved the cast that was there. It has hints of terror. The fuss that arises inside the van is important”.

Now it was time for Patrick Created to shine in one of the most popular series of the last decade, The Money Heist. In part 1 of the final season will play RafaelThe 31-year-old son of Berlin who has studied computer engineering at MIT in Massachusetts and is clear that he does not want to be like his father.

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