La Casa de Papel: the impressive accident suffered by one of the actors during filming

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Since its first season, The Money Heist has shown that he is not afraid to show strong images, laden with blood and violence. To tell this story, the production created by Alex Pina and directed by Jesus Colmenar has shown on more than one occasion scenes with shootings, accidents and even surgery in the middle of a robbery to save the life of a partner. In the first part of the fifth and final season, which had its premiere in Netflix this week, one of the actors had an accident that pierced the screen.

The affected was Juan Manuel Poga placeholder image, responsible for interpreting Gandia. This character is probably one of the most violent in the entire series. Kidnapped Such within the Bank of Spain itself and even murdered with a shot in the forehead to Nairobi. But one of the most tense scenes he had to shoot this season was a fight with Bogotá.

Hovik Keuchkerian, the interpreter who also starred in the dispute, stands out from the rest of the cast: in addition to being an actor, he was boxer and knows very well about the discipline. “In 1997, I was champion of Spain in amateur boxing, and two years later I became a professional. By December 2004 I made my last fight”, He explains in the Netflix special The Paper House: From Tokyo to Berlin. And he adds: “When I have to shoot an action scene, I get all that background”.

Very convinced, he acknowledges: “I wouldn’t be the same actor if I hadn’t been a boxer. Boxing is managing pressure, it is being alert and relaxed at the same time, it is isolating yourself from the public, it is reading your rival. All of this also applies to interpretation”. For this reason, he helped his castmate to compose the physical fight between Bogotá and Gandía and gave him some tips to position his legs and arms.

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To shoot that scene I had to hold him by the neck and, since he was not standing still, threaten him with a real knife”, Says Keuchkerian. However, the situation was exceeded and ended up making him a Royal Court Poga on his right shoulder. “When we have to record an action scene, I prefer that my partner or partner go over. If he has to give me, let him do it. I will take care of receiving with affection”, Explains the actor from Gandía.

About his impressive accident, he maintains: “When I saw it, for a moment I thought it was the zipper of the red jumpsuit, but it was actually my blood. I could see the picho there but I didn’t think it was going to be that much because it happened in the first take. Some wonderful toilets gave me three stitches to continue the fight”. Poga concludes embracing his partner: “Nor is it so bad, you have to continue. I’m going to remember Bogotá all my life. Being in La Casa de Papel is magical, it is a privilege”.

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