La Casa de Papel: the reason why its creators transformed it into a war

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Five days have passed since The Money Heist premiered the first part of his fifth and final season. However, such is the phenomenon that it still remains among the first trends in Netflix and continues to be a topic of conversation on social media. It is that the farewell of the red monkey robbers has already begun and will have its final end in the streaming giant on December 3. Something that users noticed was a great incorporation into fiction: war genre.

Have you ever wondered why the creators of the series turned robbery into war? First of all, there is a key point. The dispute has always been present in the production starring Úrsula Corberó and Álvaro Morte. Is that, if you listen carefully to the words of The Professor in the first episodes of The Money Heist, it can be understood that this is a rebellion against the system and that the objective is not to harm mere citizens.

In addition, the concept of “Soldiers” with the presence of Helsinki and Oslo in the band, two cousins ​​who, although they are of few words, hinted at their harsh past full of violence. However, it was not until this fifth season that the war became explicit with the presence of an army inside the bank. In the Netflix special The Paper House: From Tokyo to Berlin its producers explained it.

Alex Pina, creator and scriptwriter of the series, assured: “We thought we had to give something more but we did not know how to attack the war genre and how to shoot it since it is extremely complicated. In this second robbery, we had three seasons and we believed that we had spent a lot of material at one and two and that we needed an escalation in the drama and excitement. Push to the limit to the viewer”.

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Continuing with his words, the co-executive producer and screenwriter Javier Gomez Santander Explain: “Everything you’ve done has already been seen by your viewer. So, if you want to surprise him, you have to get into a new problem. You have to go to territories that you do not dominate so that the one who looks can see things that he has not seen. And that is worsening our quality of life”. And add: “The word ‘war’ in a series that has so many different genres, introducing warfare was very stimulating. Sometimes, when it is stimulating to write, you have hit a key that can also work for the viewer”.

Jesus Colmenar, the director of the series, does nothing more than affirm what his teammates detailed: “I entered with a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. We had to do the biggest, most epic season, the most exciting part where everything culminates and where the characters are more at the limit”. For her part, the scriptwriter Esther Martinez Lobato concludes: “Vancouver is always trying to get into the most unpleasant places, to learn. We creatives tried to learn from what we know how to do it and the war genre was something that we had not done uniquely”.

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