La Casa de Papel: this actor is the best at filming action scenes

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One week after the premiere of his last season, The Money Heist continues to be a trend around the world. The series created by Alex Pina proved to be a phenomenon since his arrival in Netflix causing a furor among fans who are already asking for new episodes and who want to know a little more about the details of the filming. And in this first volume of the fifth part, the anecdotes during the filming are thousands.

Its creators considered that a good way to renew the series and incorporate new interesting elements was to integrate the war genre. With soldiers entering the Bank of Spain, explosions and shootings, The Money Heist turned into a real war. But there is a small detail that not everyone is aware of: each of the scenes, no matter how short, actually has months of preparation behind.

In the Netflix special The Paper House: From Tokyo to Berlin, Rodrigo de la Serna, actor who plays Palermo, he explained: “A single sequence took us three and a half weeks to shoot”. Úrsula Corberó, who gives life to Such, did nothing but agree with him: “We found that the shooting and explosions thing that looks like a lot of fun is actually the most boring thing on a set. On a creative level for us it is a bit frustrating because you have been doing the same for several weeks”.

And it is that what for the viewer is hypnotic and very entertaining, the truth is that it may not be when it comes to carrying out the scenes. They can even physically affect the actors and bring them some injuries. For instance, Jaime Lorente, which embodies Denver, acknowledged: “When the shooting day was over, I would come home vomiting dust”. For its part, Miguel Herran, interpreter of River, he assured: “Recording action scenes is far from fun, it is very hard, very tedious and very repetitive. The wheels fifteen hundred times with fifteen hundred million different planes. I hate action, the truth is that I absolutely do not like anything”.

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Who is the best actor in La Casa de Papel for action scenes?

The creators of the series assured that in general its protagonists tend to complain and have a very bad time in those days. But nevertheless, one actor knew how to stand out from the rest and show that he is capable of putting all his energy into a single sequence. Who most enjoys action scenes is Enrique Arce, best known for his character as Arturito.

Javier Jal, the supervisor of special effects of the series, he said: “He told us that he was willing to do whatever it takes, but of course, you have to be careful because in the end carry a gun”. And if you have already seen all the episodes of the series, you will know that one of them even uses a real throw flames. The Spanish actor concluded about the experience: “It weighs a bit, there is a lot of wear and tear and it feels very hot. But the result is worth it”.

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