La Casa de Papel: Why did the Oslo actor leave the series so quickly?

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In the last hours, The Money Heist it became the number one trend around the world. And is that the serie, now produced by Netflix, premiered this Friday the first part of its fifth and final season. The farewell to the red monkey robbers has already begun and will have its definitive end -or at least that is believed so far- the December 3. However, other characters have already left the series long ago. Here we tell you what happened to one of them.

His name in the series was Dimitri Mostovói, although you probably remember it best by its city nickname: Oslo. Cousin of Helsinki was summoned by The teacher in the first season to be one of the members of the perfect plan: the robbery of the National Mint and Stamp Factory. Although he was a man of few words and did not reveal as much about his past, it was known that he was of Serbian origin and that he had a harsh past.

Hide a life full of violence, toughness and few skills to communicate with those around him. However, he was a faithful warrior willing to comply with each phase of the plan stipulated by his leader, Sergio Marquina. Attention spoilers! In one of the first episodes of the series, some hostages plan a riot and, after stealing some weapons, they end up giving him a blow to the head that ends his life.

This was, without a doubt, one of the most shocking deaths of the series. Since it was not expected that in a plan in which everything seems coldly calculated, finally lose one of the soldiers. But … who is the actor who played him and why did he leave the series so quickly? Is named Roberto garcia, He was a bodybuilder and, actually, he hails from Spain.

Oslo was Helsinki’s cousin in La Casa de Papel (Netflix).

As explained by the creators of the series, the artist signed his contract knowing that his character would die in the first season. And although later he returned to participate in The Money Heist with some flashbacks, the truth is that his murder had a meaning: to show that at any moment, the characters can disappear and that they are constantly risk. That is to say, it is not just about the adrenaline and tension of the series, rather it can happen when they least expect it.

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