La Casa de Papel will not be Grey’s Anatomy for this reasonable reason

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The Money Heist surprised with his first season and the approach of the “robbery of the century” devised by The teacher. On that occasion, the mastermind behind the coup brought together a group of people willing to risk everything to enter the National Mint and leave the place after printing 2.4 billion euros and take it away. Risky. And also, an attractive story for the audiences that transformed the program into one of the most important of Netflix.

For its part, Grey’s Anatomy follow the doctor’s story Meredith Grey, since he arrived at Hospital Grace Mercy West where he began his residency while living a passionate affair with his boss, the doctor Derek Shepherd. The stories of the different residents, companions of the protagonist, helped to nurture the show that aroused so many emotions in its audience. Also, one of the streaming giant’s favorite stories.

Why won’t La Casa de Papel be Grey’s Anatomy?

The question that arises is: How many more stories can La Casa de Papel tell? The teacher and his team can’t go on living off robberies season after season. Despite the fact that many of his followers do not want the series to come to an end. Seasons three and four feature how thieves go about their business in the Bank of Spain while new difficulties are presented to them.

Meredith de Grey’s Anatomy. Photo Credits: IMDb.

Y Grey’s Anatomy? The story of Meredith It has the advantage of following the life of its protagonist with his achievements, fears, loves and failures. Year after year the cast is modified with new characters that give the show the possibility of being renewed. Remember that even Patrick Dempsey’s character Derek Shepherd died. Shock for the followers!

Therefore The Money Heist will not reach more than 5 seasons, while Grey’s Anatomy is renewed over and over again with 18 deliveries to thrill his fans to tears. The good news is that the creative teams of these shows do not rest and, chapter by chapter, they manage to entertain their audiences who can still enjoy these shows and their alternatives.

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