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“La desalmada” Chapter 81: Fernanda confronts Octavio and reveals all his secrets

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. After seeing the photos that demonstrate Fernanda’s alleged infidelity, Rafael does not want to know anything more about her, so in chapter 81 of “The soulless”, The character of Livia Brito collects the evidence of her innocence to try to recover the love of her life, in addition, she is willing to unmask Octavio.

Meanwhile, Octavio visits Fernanda’s ranch, he confesses that he loves her and that he is sure that she also feels the same. Faced with the rejection of his son’s wife, the powerful businessman tries to take her by force. This time she defends herself with everything she has and manages to escape.

To explain the injuries that Fernanda caused him, Octavio tells his family that she attacked him for defending his lover, who even offered him a night of passion in exchange for not imprisoning César, who is accused of stealing the cattle of his estate.

Nevertheless, ““She looks for Rafael at the hacienda to show him all the training photos with César and to deny that he is his lover. In addition, he reveals that his father killed Santiago and other innocent people to keep their land.

Obviously, Toscano denies everything and supports his lies despite the documents that his enemy presents. Leticia is reluctant to believe that her husband is a murderer, but she has no choice but to be an unfaithful man after seeing a video of him cheating on her with her best friend, Julia.

While Julia goes to confront Isabela’s mother, Fernando continues to count all the crimes that Octavio committed and when the villain begins to threaten her, she reveals that he raped her in the past and that he tried to do it again.

Rafael doesn’t know how to react to such an unpleasant confession and Octavio feigns a heart attack to escape the discussion, even requesting an intervention that he doesn’t really need to generate the compassion of his family.

After verifying Octavio’s infidelity, Leticia confronts Julia for her betrayal. Isabela’s mother tries to defend herself by assuring that Toscano forced her to be his lover in exchange for her not leaving her family on the street. Lety does not believe his lies and demands that he leave the ranch.

As a last memory, Julia asks her daughter to talk to Rafael’s mother to allow her to stay, but Leticia sends her faithful employee to get rid of the “viper.”

While Octavio is in the hospital, Leticia and German meet to discuss their failed marriages and the mistake they made by marrying the wrong people. The conversation ends with both of them giving each other a passionate kiss. What will happen in the next episode of “”?

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