“La desalmada”: how Marjorie de Sousa’s passion scenes with Eduardo Santamarina were recorded

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The soap opera that has caused a sensation among fans is none other than “The soulless one”, the Mexican production full of revenge, justice and love that stars the renowned actors Livia Brito and José Ron, under the direction of Salvador Garcini and Fez Noriega, for Televisa.

Other stars participating in the project launched on July 5 in the Aztec country are Eduardo Santamarina, Marjorie de Sousa and Daniel Elbittar, who have the antagonistic roles. “It is a very special story and it is not very common because it begins with the desire to do justice and punish those who have done harm, unmask those who seem good and understand those who seem bad,” explained the producer of the novel José Alberto “el Güero” Castro.

Precisely, the characters played by the actors Eduardo Santamarina and Marjorie de Sousa they are explosive on screens, due to the passion scenes they embody. The villains of history know how to make viewers’ hair stand on end, so we will tell you in the following lines how they do to record the hottest moments of the soap opera.

Marjorie de Sousa acknowledges that the character of Julia Torreblanca de Gallardo It is one of the most daring that he has performed in his entire artistic career. The fiery scenes that he had to embody are not few, but they would not have been possible to do naturally, if it were not for the great team behind the cameras.

“They are scenes like oh, what a shame !, but very careful. My directors have protected me a lot, they have taken care of me, the team as well, and I have a great stage partner ”, reports from Sousa to .

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Another factor that helped him to perform correctly was without his colleague, Eduardo Santamarina. The actor gave him a lot of confidence and made a good vibe flow between them, so recording the passionate scenes was very simple:

“With Eduardo, apart from having a lot of chemistry, I think that both of us feel very calm, very comfortable, and this also helps to do those scenes.”

Although these types of scenes are usually uncomfortable for some actors, due to the stress of having many people waiting for each movement, fortunately the stars of “La desalmada” had no major problems and enjoyed the moment.

The Heartless “ follows the story of Fernanda, a simple, noble young woman who loves the countryside and animals. She marries her beloved boyfriend, Santiago, to start a new life in Ichámal, the beautiful town where he lives. His happiness only lasts on the wedding night as Santiago is brutally murdered by a group of hooded men. Minutes later, Fernanda is raped by their leader, who, after leaving her seriously injured, asks one of his hitmen to kill her.

Fernanda miraculously survives and is rescued by Luis and Juana, Santiago’s best friends. Fernanda takes refuge in the ranchería of her father, Calixto, who slowly dies when he sees the suffering of his daughter.

Three years later, Fernanda has become a tough and heartless woman whose only goal is to make the man who killed her husband and raped her pay. The only clue he has is an original antique bull pendant with worn antlers hanging from the neck of the murderer and rapist. This is how the story of “La Desalmada” begins, according to the synopsis of Televisa.

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