La desalmada: the unpleasant experience of Livia Brito in Triunfo del amor

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The actress Livia Brito, one of the main stars of the telenovela “La desalmada” and recognized for having participated in different productions, during her acting career she went through different situations and lived through some anecdotes. In fact, she commented on an unpleasant experience that she had to live in 2010.

The actress who is also very active in social networks and who also has her own YouTube channel revealed what she experienced in 2010 during her participation in the telenovela “Triumph of Love”.

In said production Livia Brito was able to work alongside the actor William Levy and the actress Maite Perroni, in addition to Victoria Ruffo, who played the main characters.

Although she was very happy to belong to that soap opera, there was one fact that surprised her and that was also embarrassing for her.

As indicated , the actress related on her channel YouTube, which at that time had to “pay floor fee”Because it was one of his first soap operas where he participated.

I remember that I had a scene with Victoria Ruffo in the forum where I went down like some stairs, I don’t remember, or I went in and she was there and she scold me and slapped me. In that scene, as at the beginning, the actors have to pay a flat, that paying a flat is like they make you do uncomfortable things, they don’t give you dressing room”, He specified.

She continued by pointing out that in that scene the floor manager made her go out to the forum and in the forum where they were doing her body makeup because she was wearing a bikini. “Then the makeup artist said, ‘Hey, why are you doing this to yourself here? Why don’t you go to the makeup area? And I turned to see like this and all the technicians looking at me and I turned red, red and I said: ‘I just don’t know if I have to put on makeup here or not.’ The truth was I had no idea what to do, where to go “, he expressed.

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But that embarrassing moment was not the only one the actress remembers, well, she also commented that one of the people who worked in the production liked her very badly because he sold things and she could not buy him.

Since I didn’t have money I couldn’t buy her things, so she would put the actors who bought her in the first scenes and she would let me (…) I remember only one scene I arrived at 7 in the morning and I did it at 10 at night, all day left me waiting”, He confessed.

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