La Tarumba opens a new headquarters and starts its summer workshops 2022

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The return of La Tarumba to the face-to-face activities is perhaps one of the most anticipated news and celebrated by the whole family. The charming house of Miraflores, the headquarters of Camacho and the new house in Pueblo Libre are ready to provide a safe space, where children and adolescents can re-integrate, communicate and, above all, reinforce trust.

This return begins with the workshop “Creative Summer-2022”, aimed at children and adolescents, in which they have innovated their format of schedules and spaces, in addition to guiding their pedagogical proposal to prioritize aspects in favor of the best development of adaptation to the new reality, ensuring the quality and results that characterize them in their three headquarters located in Camacho, Miraflores and a new space in Pueblo Libre.

La Tarumba returns to offer a pedagogical proposal oriented to practice and mastery of multiple languages, through the exploration and learning of theater, circus and music; three essential elements for training and human development.

These support socialization, expression and dialogue; exercise solidarity and collaboration; promotes perseverance and tolerance, develops risk capacity and control of emotions and opens the vision of oneself and of life. Essential components for children and adolescents when returning from home to face-to-face activities.

“We came back because where others see a girl on stilts, we see a girl as high as her self-esteem. We returned because where others see a girl hanging upside down, we see a girl learning to see the world in a different way. We returned because we are the bridge, or rather the rope, that will allow them to go from their homes to their schools with safety and confidence. At La Tarumba we are ready for a new world “, Fernando Zevallos points out.

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The doors of La Tarumba open with new teaching protocols but without sacrificing its magic and essence. Its methodology is based on play, affection and creativity that go hand in hand with psychology that provides a complementary look to students, teachers and parents. Enrollment is now open and you can register by doing .

Today they have an infrastructure specially implemented to offer security, comfort and compliance with biosafety measures. Possessors of the widest experience and with the natural qualities that everyone recognizes to interact with the world of children and young people.

It is the dream that the team led by Fernando Zevallos and Estela Paredes were reaching little by little, always motivated to contribute to the construction of a better Peru. They have gone from the meticulous study of the clown to the exploration and conquest of airspace; from simple play with children to the development of their own methodology that impacts the recognition, assessment and reaffirmation of identity, an initial and essential factor in the processes of human development. They started from a vision: to create and develop an artistic-pedagogical proposal.

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