‘La Uchulú’ could return to “Queens of the show” after injury to ‘La Pánfila’

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After it became known that María Victoria Santana, better known as ‘The Pánfila’, suffered an injury in the last edition of “Queens of the show”, the Saturday program turned to its social networks to report new income.

“This Saturday, one of them is back on track! Who do you think returns to be in ‘Queens of the show’? Don’t miss the program at 9:00 pm on América TV ”, It was noted on the official Instagram of the entertainment space.

As can be seen in the image, Fabio Agostini, ‘La Uchulú’ or Milett Figueroa could return to “Reinas del show” and join the competition.

As is known, ‘La Pánfila’ suffered an injury on Saturday July 10 and left the set in a wheelchair. Faced with this situation, the comedian slipped the idea of ​​leaving the program.

“I do not know if I will continue or not in ‘Queens of the show'”, expressed ‘La Pánfila’ in statements for GV Producciones.

“I’m excited that something always happens to me and I can’t continue in the competition, I’m going to take a blossoming bath”, added.

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