“La Voz Kids”: Trainers opened the dance floor dancing and singing their songs | VIDEO – MAG.

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This Tuesday, October 19, the new edition of “The voice Kids” and those in charge of opening the track were Joey Montana, Christian Yaipén, Daniela Darcourt, Eva Ayllón, coaches of the new edition of the Latina program.

The first to appear on stage was the Panamanian singer Joey Montana, who stood on stage to perform “Pichy.” Daniela was the second and she sang “You wrong with me.” The third was the leader of Group 5, who chose “The rhythm of my heart”, and the last to appear was Eva Ayllón with her song “Take your hands off.”

The coaches joined the Creole singer and in the middle of the stage they danced and sang together.

After that, Cristian Rivera and Gianella Neyra made their appearance and presented one to the coaches, also explained the dynamics of the new season of “La Voz Kids”.

“Good evening to all of Peru, welcome to the new season of ‘La Voz Kids’ and what better company than Gianella Neyra”, commented the television host. “Happy to be here, I can’t believe it”, the actress also said.

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