“La Voz Senior”: Mito Plaza sang “Corazón espinado” and changed the lyrics to dedicate it to his deceased wife | VIDEO

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Mito Plaza, contestant of “The Senior Voice” whose wife died the same day he was called to inform him that he had been selected to pass the casting of the program, defeated his opponent, Mario Moreno in the battle last Monday.

The latter interpreted the song the song “Student Love” by Roberto Jordán, while Don Myth surprised everyone by changing the lyrics of one of the stanzas of Maná’s “Thorned Heart” and dedicating it to Nancy, his life partner who died of a thrombosis.

In this modification he made reference to the fact that it hurts to be alive without having his beloved wife by his side. This shocked all the coaches and even Cristian Rivero, host of the reality show, who stated: “What a twist you have given to this song with your story … Incredible!”

The performance of Mito Plaza was praised by the coaches, but the moment came when Lucía and Joaquín Galán, the Pimpinela team to which both participants belonged, They had to choose who they stayed with to continue in the competition, and they decided on Mito Plaza.

After that, the man thanked him saying: “Nancy has been a very persevering person in her decisions and I as a husband had, even if it was, to support her morally. On the day of the calls she listened and said: ‘You’re leaving, because you’re leaving.’ And here I am, here I am Nancy, trying to fulfill the wishes you’ve always wanted. “

Immediately afterwards, the “Steal” option was activated, which allows the other coaches to keep the voice of the competitor who did not win the battle, but unfortunately neither Eva Ayllón, nor Tony Succar, nor Daniela Darcourt pressed the button for Mario Moreno to continue participating.

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