Lady Loki’s True Identity: Is The Series Fooling Us?

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The last episode of the series Loki on the streaming service Disney+ He filled fans with unknowns by the reveal of the variant that was wreaking havoc on the timeline: Lady Loki. Seeing her appearance, many have called her that way, and even a possible mistake in the credits could have given us her true identity, but we cannot be one hundred percent sure. Are they cheating us?

It is no news that the brother of Thor and fan favorite villain has a great talent for deception and always manages to get away with it, so that it would be a very convenient strategy for the platform’s own program to also adopt those skills to confuse viewers. Here we will review everything that has been said about Lady Loki and the possibilities of who it is.

As we have already explained to you, in the comics it takes the form we see it after Ragnarok, the event that leads Asgard to total destruction. Lady Sif returns with her weak mind, but is possessed by Loki, and it is there that this female figure begins to meet other Marvel antagonists., like Doctor Doom, Norman Osborn, and the Dark Avengers. We currently see that take advantage of apocalyptic occasions in history to hide from the TVA and carry out their plan.

However, on social media a capture of the dubbing credits began to go viral, where the voice actress Elisa Beuter plays “Sylvie”. Noticing this, the public began to distrust Lady Loki and began to associate her with Sylvie Lushton, Loki’s own creation that first appeared in Dark Reign: Young Avengers #1, and he calls himself Enchantress O Lovely, with various mystical powers.

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+ What is the true identity of Lady Loki?

If we get carried away by the credits of chapter 2, we are in the presence of Enchantress. But, as we clarify, the series is about the master of deception, so this “confusion” or “spoiler” that they offered, perhaps it is a maneuver of the production so that the fans are completely lost. All the answers we seek we will have in the episode 3, which will arrive next Wednesday.

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