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Lady Marina Windsor Cozies Up to Rarely-Seen Boyfriend in Adorable Photos

Lady Marina Windsor Cozies Up to Rarely-Seen Boyfriend in Adorable Photos

Lady Marina Windsor has offered a glimpse into her Glastonbury experience, sharing moments with her rarely-seen boyfriend, Nico Macauley.

The 31-year-old socialite took to Instagram on Tuesday to upload a series of images, which prominently featured lovely snapshots with Nico.
The couple appeared in high spirits as they shared a sweet embrace

In one image, Marina grins broadly as she embraces her beau, while another shows her enjoying the music with him.

Details about when Marina and Nico began dating remain unclear. However, Marina was first linked to the cyber security Account Executive in 2023, after posting a selfie with Nico for his 30th birthday in April last year.
Marina and Nico looked smitten at Glastonbury

Marina also shared images with friends and showcased her fashion sense.

For the much-anticipated Somerset festival, Marina opted for colorful, boho outfits, including floral mini skirts, a flaming red scarf top, lime-green trousers, and a ruffled lilac dress.
Marina was joined by her sister Amelia

She was joined by her sister, Lady Amelia, who wore tangerine-hued baggy trousers, a bikini top, and a floaty purple ruffled top.

Captioning her snapshots, Marina wrote: “Happy happy wonder filled fields”.

Marina is the eldest daughter of the Earl and Countess of St Andrews and the paternal granddaughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. She is also a first cousin to the late Queen Elizabeth II.
Marina now works with numerous charities

Until 2008, Marina was 25th in line to the British throne. However, she was removed from the line of succession after being confirmed into the Roman Catholic Church. The rules stipulate that the Sovereign must be in communion with the Church of England and swear to preserve it.

“The Sovereign must also promise to uphold the Protestant succession,” states the official Royal website.

Lady Marina is deeply committed to sustainability, particularly in fashion and travel.
Sisters Marina and Amelia are both passionate about sustainable fashion

In a recent conversation, she noted: “Fast fashion is incredibly destructive to our planet. I try to shop from charity shops, vintage shops, and sustainable brands. Often, I borrow clothes from friends and focus on keeping things longer, buying less, and reducing consumerism where possible.”
Marina and her beau have enjoyed numerous romantic trips together

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