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Lady Violet Crawley's Fate in Downton Abbey: A New Era?

Lady Violet Crawley’s Fate in Downton Abbey: A New Era?

Lady Violet Crawley was a beloved character for many Downton Abbey fans. Those who haven’t seen the movies may be surprised to find that Maggie Smith doesn’t return in them. This is due to the events that unfold in the second movie.

From the start, Violet has been a symbol of a bygone era. She wasn’t keen on changing her ways, which led to some brilliant one-liners. However, she was always there for her granddaughters, ensuring they knew how to behave as they matured and married.

The first movie sets up the sad events of the second. Lady Violet Crawley tells her family she has a terminal illness.

Throughout the second movie, we see her gradually succumb to the illness. This culminates in a heartbreaking scene towards the end of A New Era. Violet, with her sharp wit, delivers a memorable line, “Stop that noise. I can’t hear myself die.”

This moment is significant in the second film. The passing of the torch is already evident by the end of the first movie. Violet understands her time is limited, and it’s Mary who must step into Violet’s shoes. The second movie provides Violet the opportunity to say her goodbyes. We are reminded that even the strongest characters don’t live forever, adding weight to Violet’s death. It underscores the idea that sometimes we think characters will live forever due to their strong will.

The film concludes with a bittersweet funeral, where the entire household pays their respects. This scene reinforces the notion that Mary is now stepping into her grandmother’s role, setting the stage for the third movie.

Source: Claire and Jamie