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Lainey Wilson Reveals A New Side with Her Simple Love Song “4x4xU”

The story continues. Today, Lainey Wilson released the third song and a music video from her forthcoming “Whirlwind” album called “4x4xU,” which serves as a follow-up to “Hang Tight Honey.” The latter video, released just yesterday, showcases Lainey out on the road, doing what she loves, yet missing someone special back home. It portrays the delicate balancing act between work and family.

She enjoys performing for fans who know how to get “straight up sideways,” but what keeps her going is the thought of returning to her loved one. The end of the “Hang Tight Honey” video sees Lainey and her significant other getting off the bus to head home. The “4x4xU” video picks up from there, showing them getting into a truck to drive away.

Lainey previously mentioned that she felt these two songs were a perfect pair, which is why she released the videos in succession. The storytelling in these tracks, both together and separately, is genuinely creative. “4x4xU” was co-written by Lainey, Jon Decious, and Aaron Raitiere. It’s a love song about finding “home” wherever you are in the world, as long as you’re with the person you love.

It’s quite rare to hear such a stripped-back love song from Lainey, and hopefully, her upcoming album will feature more songs in this vein. She believes this song could be her biggest yet due to its unique nature within her broader music collection.

“I’m so excited for everyone to finally have their hands on ‘4x4xU.’ This song is about finding that someone that gives you the comfort and peace of home anywhere in the world as long as you’re by their side. Thank you to the incredible Dano Cerny for directing this video and bringing the vision to life, and to all of my collaborators on this record for being a part of what I think could be my biggest song yet.”

Directed by Dano Cerny, the brand new video can be watched here:

“Whirlwind” is due out everywhere on August 23rd. You can also watch the “Hang Tight Honey” video here:

Source: American Songwriter