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Lala Kent Remembers Drunkenly Exposing Herself at a Club

Lala Kent Remembers Drunkenly Exposing Herself at a Club

Lala Kent recently shared a shocking memory from her past involving a drunken night at a club. Fans of “Vanderpump Rules” are well aware of Lala’s journey towards sobriety. She has been sober for five years and now often opts for sparkling water instead of alcohol. Nonetheless, she recently recounted a particularly embarrassing incident that left many fans in disbelief.

Lala’s efforts towards sobriety have been documented throughout her time on “Vanderpump Rules.” She even helped James Kennedy in his own sobriety journey. Embracing her new lifestyle, she once enjoyed hosting a sparkling water tasting event for her friends. Fans have expressed their admiration for her dedication to staying sober, a commitment she maintains not only for herself but also for her daughter, Ocean, and her soon-to-be-born second child. Lala is beloved by many, who are eagerly anticipating her journey as a mother once again.

In a candid revelation, Lala shared a distinct memory involving a club’s bathroom with see-through glass doors that fogged up only when locked.

“I’m wasted, and I just pull my pants down, hike my dress up, and I see this guy [standing outside], and I’m like, ‘I can see him. Can — can he see me?’ And he’s knocking, and he’s like, ‘You need to lock the door. We can see you!’ It was just so embarrassing.” She continued to describe the awkward scenario, “You guys, I was like, ‘This bathroom’s amazing! I can watch what everyone’s doing.’ I don’t know what they saw; I’m not sitting on that disgusting toilet. I stayed in there for a while ’cause I’m like, ‘Everyone’s wasted, hopefully they’ll forget.’ They’ll sit and watch the bathroom for, like, however [long] and then, you know, their Molly will kick in and they’ll be off to the races.”

It’s clear Lala has numerous wild stories from her drinking days. This particular incident, however, stands out as a notably embarrassing moment for her. Fans appreciate Lala’s openness and honesty, traits that have earned her a great deal of respect. Through her perseverance, she has maintained her sobriety for several years, an achievement she credits to her desire to stay healthy for her children.

The story left many fans in shock, leading to plenty of discussions and comments among her followers. What do you think about Lala’s unexpected revelation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: TV Shows Ace