Lali Espósito pauses Sky Rojo: first image of her series on Amazon Prime

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Lali Esposito she is one of the most influential women in the world. Her first steps in acting with Cris Morena, the creator of youth strips from Argentina, transformed her into what she is today. From a very young age, he showed unmatched impetus, a sympathy that wins hearts globally and an indescribable talent.

So much so that her fans decide to follow her wherever she goes and most of her projects are very successful. And, one of the more recent examples of this is Sky Red, the last series he starred in for Netflix. Created by Álex Pina, this fiction was released in 2021 and in a short time it became a worldwide phenomenon.

On Sky Red, Espósito played Wendy, a rebellious woman, charismatic, but with a deep history behind her. Undoubtedly, a role that marked her career because, in a certain part, both in fiction and in reality, she fights for the same thing: women’s rights. In fact, this series had so many viewers that the platform did not take long to renew it.

Lali in her role as Wendy. Photo: (Netflix)

That is, after the first edition came a second season with new scandals and, just a few weeks ago, the streaming giant confirmed that a third. However, everything indicates that Sky Red It will be put on hiatus, at least for Lali, as the actress has just been immersed in filming a new project for the competition, Amazon Prime Video.

In early August it was confirmed that Lali Esposito would be part of The end of love, a series based on the best seller by Tamara Tenembaum. In this fiction the artist will not only be a producer, but will also star in it, giving life to a young woman from the Orthodox Jewish community and what she must learn “the affective and sexual customs of the secular world”.

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The release date of it is still unknown, but one thing is certain: the filming has already begun. What’s more, it was the same singer who confirmed this news through Instagram where she wrote: “we started filming the end of love”. Although, the publication went viral because along with the phrase he shared his first photograph characterized as his role in the strip.

The photo with which Lali confirmed the start of filming.

The photo with which Lali confirmed the start of filming.

With her dyed pink hair and a white blouse, Lali Esposito is already immersed in this new project. And, despite the fact that there is not much information about it on it yet, this strip promises to catch, just as it did Sky Red which, for the moment, was in the background. Yes, in The end of love, the ex Almost angels She will not be alone since personalities such as Verónica Llinás and Vera Spinetta will complete the cast.

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