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Lali González: Ping Pong with the other Lali, the revelation actress of the new Polka fiction

Is named Graciela Belén González Mendoza although she became known simply as Lali González. He is 34 years old, he came from Asunción just six months ago, when the recordings of the new fiction began. There he shares the bill with Agustina Cherri, Gonzalo Heredia, Esteban Lamothe and Luciano Cáceres. She arrived in Argentina with her husband, Walter Rivertos, and their two-year-old daughter Rafaela.

However, his work in fiction The 1-5 / 18 It is not the first to awaken mass recognition. Lali González rose to fame thanks to the huge success of the film 7 boxes, which marked a before and after in Paraguayan cinema. After its premiere in mid-2012, it became the highest-grossing film in the history of Paraguayan cinema, where it even surpassed the mega-tank in revenue. Titanic. The local success was the beginning, since then the premieres outside the borders of Paraguay arrived, also the recognition international critics and awards, including the award in the section “Films in progress” at the acclaimed San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Now, Lali González plays Rita, a woman who seeks to recover her son Matías (played Balthazar Murillo, the young actor of the series Apache), whom he had given up for adoption at age 17, forced by the difficult context in which he lived. In fiction, Rita is Lola’s (Agustina Cherri) friend and partner in struggle, with whom she runs a community soup kitchen.

Although she always wanted to be an actress, her family encouraged her to also study another career and that is how she received her lawyer. He practiced the profession, but began to study theater and the first jobs arrived. Since that young Liz from 7 boxes to the Rita of the nights of the thirteen, Lali González has already earned a place in the show. She is the “other Lali” and today TN Show’s Ping Pong responds.

A movie: La vie En Rose, the biography of Edith Piaf

A series: Ozark

A TV show: the novel La 1-5-18, by El 13

A radio: FM, those who play good music

A diary: I hardly read newspapers

A book: The Secret, The Law of Attraction, by Rhonda Byrne

A social network: Instagram

An actor: Anthony Hopkins

An actress: Meryl Streep

A journalist: let me think…

A tweeter: I’m not much on Twitter

A musician: Paul McCartney

A band: The Beatles

An idol: do not have

A diva: Maria Callas

A friend: my brothers

A familiar: my parents

A header phrase: “We are passing through, it is worth it”

Good news: you stayed in a casting!

A language: the Castilian

Gossip: I know what you did last summer!

A prediction: When it is going to rain

A song: Kids, the MGMT

A meal: Milanese

A drink: the Orange juice

A place in the world: Paris

A pending trip: the Italian coast

A little taste: un Vinito

Secrets: I don’t tell my secrets

A skill: the sport

A vice: the junk food

A fear: something happens to my daughter

A lie: “I leave in 5 minutes”

A doom: nap

A game: the Buraco

A search: the mysteries of life

An OCD: the paranoia that I lose things

One problem: the anxiety

A pending account: travel alone

A dream: May my daughter fulfill all her dreams in this life.

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